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  1. My daughter completed hers in year 9 with Cambridge Ballet Academy. Really hard doing it all in one year. We are waiting for the results which will come in October. Not sure how far Cambridge is from you.
  2. Hi, my DD is starting BBA tomorrow, it’s nearly 2 hours from home so have to stay for the day. Does anyone know what there is to do, preferably walking distance rather than car. Thanks
  3. Is anyone booked onto the 4 week summer school. My dd is 14 and very excited (have permission to have the last week off school so she can attend). Sadly she will miss Day one as she’s coming back from a French trip.
  4. If you are in Cambridgeshire my dd does Cambridge ballet associates every Thursday. She also does Central associates every Saturday
  5. Ps, if anyone has any ideas to help her get website noticed please let me know as I’m trying to help her but I have no experience in marketing or sales.
  6. Take a look at my 14 year old daughters website www.floralbuns.com. she makes the most beautiful bun garlands and bun boxes to fund her pointe shoes and currently her 4 week ENB summer school. Im really proud of her for taking the initiative so please just take a few minutes look at what she makes. Thank you
  7. Hi, my daughter has applied to do a BTEC dance equivalent to a gcse at Cambridge Ballet Academy in Cambridge & Newmarket, the auditions are mid July so fingers crossed she gets a place. She would rather do this course than the school one as this is more ballet focussed. If she does it at school it’s very commercial / hip hop which she doesn’t enjoy, I can see so many advantages to doing it outside of school as the teaching is by dance teachers, an extra gcse choice for school. Studying with students have the same passion,is always a bonus. Does anyone have experience of BTECs outside of school? Just in case anyone is interested in this course the website is https://www.cambridgeballetacademy.co.uk
  8. hgib23

    YDA auditions

    Has anyone heard if they have got through to the next round of auditions?? The first audition letter said you would hear within 7 days, so thought we would hear today.
  9. It was a no for my DD for year 9. The worst thing about the rejection is not having any idea about why? This is the place she wants to be, she has done summer school, audition workshops and loves it more and more. Not sure it’s worth trying next year for year 10 or whether we should just continue associate classses and apply at age 16
  10. Thanks for the advice, Pointe shoes don't seem to last 5 minutes so hopefully this will be much quicker than the 3 - 4 hours I currently spend, sad about cutting the satin off though!. We are also experimenting with jet glue to try and make the shoes last a bit longer. I love this forum everyone is so helpful Helen
  11. Hi, I have always used embroidery thread to darn pointe shoes, however at last fitting it was suggested instead of traditional darning my DD should just darn around the platform. Been looking for suitable wool but just not sure what to buy.... any ideas? Thank you.
  12. My daughter does Central associates and absolutely loves it. The staff are lovely and you know exactly what’s going on. Lots of opportunities for Easter and summer schools as well.
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