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ISTD Intermediate Ballet


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Hello All,


Long time reader but this is my first time posting so apologies if this in the wrong forum or anything like that.


I was wondering if there is anybody on here who has any information on ISTD Intermediate ballet - and specifically, what are the names of the set exercises? I'm an RAD teacher but have recently had to take over and ISTD intermediate class and am struggling to understand from the books what is set and unset and have seldom found much information about it online! I did this exam myself but about eight years ago now so I'm sure there have been many changes since then. 


If anybody has any information I would be so grateful! 

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If you’re anywhere near Preston, Preston College Dance PCD would be able to help you as they are a regional centre for DDE in ISTD ballet, tap and modern. They also have RAD trained staff and students so the faculty would be able to give you good support! 

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