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Feet supination


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Hi everyone! 


Annoyingly my employer seems to have blocked this forum from our internet connection claiming that it’s not secure so having to type this through my phone.


I’ve recently discovered that that my DD’s school shoes are heavily worn to one side on both her feet caused by rolling of the ankles. A quick Google search calls it supination (where the feet turn sideways  outward to the side when walking/running/standing). 


Her ballet teacher has said that they didn’t notice any massive rolling of the feet in class, but looking at her shoes, it’s really bad so I suspect that she’s doing it outside of class.


There’s quite a bit of stuff online about it, including use of insoles etc. However I’m inclined to see a specialist about this and wonder if this will impede on her progress in ballet (she’s 9). 


I’ve recently read something about the NIDMS, is that where is best for DD to be referred to? Or can anyone recommend a good orthotics specialist that can be done through tha NHS or doesn’t cost a fortune? 


There is an interesting blog I found called the ballet blog where someone asked the question “should dancers use orthotics?” however as this is all new to me, I’m not sure what to do.


Any advice would be most appreciated!  

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31 minutes ago, DancingShoes said:

I have just shown your post to a friend in a similar position, she has said you need to ask your doctor to refer you to a podiatrist which can be done on the NHS. Hope that helps.

i'd agree  that is where the  first  steps  (argh! the puns )  should be  ,  assessment and gait analysis  would determine if  it  is or going to be a problem ...  and orthotics or  physio  following from that  if clinically indicated ...

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