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Does anyone know if there is a lower age limit on being referred to one of the NIDMS clinics?  Dd has an injury and the gp doesn’t seem to be overly concerned about the rate at which it isn’t getting better. I’m going to ask for a referral on and came across NIDMS but it doesn’t state any age limits. Thought someone here might know more, before I contact them. 



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Thanks for the replies. She has an appointment with a dance specialist physio this week so that’s already underway, the GP wanted to refer her to a nhs paediatric physio so I said I’d take care of it privately. She doesn’t have private health insurance, she’s not at vocational school. I was just wondering about where else to go if it doesn’t resolve. 

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1 hour ago, Vonrothbart said:

I don't really think a GP is the way to go, I would suggest someone who specialises in sports ( or dance ) injuries.

disclosure  before  we go any further 

I worked in the NHS / NHS funded settings  for 15 or thw last  20 years, 14 of those  as a Health Professional or  pre-reg  

I also  have had to do a fair bit of  research on   dealing  with getting primary  care to talk effectively   with  less well known services  , both in  one of my NHS jobs  ( tertiary specialist rehab  -  became nationally commissioned during the time i worked in the setting  )  and  for my own   care   ( absolutely no need to go over my  stroy  at this point beyond  read my sig ) 

all NHS  specialists and many   private specialists  want a GP referral at least initially ...  

No age limits  seem to be mentioned on the  NIDMS  Site  and  the site  tells you what you need to do  to get your GP to refer  you and not fob you off  with a local  service  which might or might not  be of any  use .  Unfortunately it's not a nationally commissioned  service  so CCG  idiocy may intervene with referrals ...   






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