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sleeping beauty

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A few comments about SB: 

Some companies have Aurora and Desire come on in Act III to greet the guests.  I like that.  It makes a lot of sense.

The Australian co. actually has the guests being greeted and bowing to Aurora and her Prince.    Only then do they go off.


Another nice detail in their production is that the Old Knitting Ladies are actually young and are shown how to knit by Carabosse. 


I miss the   growing of ivy in Act I.  I don't know why RB has changed it.   A bit of magic is lost.

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Yes I have.  On TV. Mezzo.   It was recorded in 2015.   They eliminate the cats.   

Here Lilac Fairy instructs Prince what to do to wake Aurora.  In RB she tells him to think and he suddenly gets the idea to kiss her, to which Lilac replies:   you've got it! spot on.!

Mariinsky as well as Australian company also has them greeting the guests.  I believe also a German company does.

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