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A question: "first night" gifts

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I hope somebody can help.  

Having graduated from LAMDA, my godson now has his first part in theatre (yes, am rather proud!).  I want to send a card and a gift for first night but see there are also six preview nights.  Is it traditional to send on the first preview or the first performance not billed as preview.


Any advice at all gratefully received!

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  • alison changed the title to A question: "first night" gifts

Such gifts are usually given on the 'PRESS NIGHT'.  If it is a commercial production (and often they don't publicly note these) ... then they will most like have a Press Night curtain that commences at 7pm for deadlines.  (Although nowadays that is not always the case.)  Certainly if there are six previews ... then the press night would officially be on the Seventh ..... (the Seventh ... sounds familiar doesn't it ... :) 


Hope this is of some assistance.  

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