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  1. Can you tell me what, I haven't spotted anything? He does seem pretty much forgotten now. IF he is coming to the end, I would have hoped KOH would have scheduled something that he could bow out on. We are surely overdue Woolf Works and I wonder why he isn't doing Manon.
  2. As someone else said, it is a no-brainer. Hayward, Hayward, Hayward. The best Manon ever
  3. Oh for goodness sake. It is lovely to hear reports from performances many of us may not be able to see and it is delightful that people take the time to include us in their reviews, but... ...just because a post is coming from somewhere other than the UK, doesn't mean it is acceptable to 'break the rules.' (there may not be a rule but you know what I mean) When I first came on the forum I had no idea who 'Nela' was and it took me a while to work it out. Then it made me think that the people using that name were friends/fellow dancers and I wondered if this was an appropriate forum for me as a complete amateur and not personally knowing any ballet dancers. Using such nicknames does imply a closeness which may or may not exist. Even if it does, I agree with Janet that it is simply politeness to all as well as respectful to the dancers to use full names. The lady is doing her job as a Moderator.
  4. Very much what I'm saying, Capybara. Nobody is saying Mr. Beard is not a nice man - there appears to be quite of lot of evidence that he is a charming and considerate person. My 'complaint' is with the management process and what I see as failures.
  5. Could you explain what this means please? I am penelope simpson
  6. Well, BBB, I think Google may ring a bell in my otherwise witless mind...🙀 What I was looking for was personal experience/colour and it is nice of you to provide some. However, strong interpersonal relations are not enough in a Chief Exec who needs to be able to communicate on a wider level. I spent some time with John Major once and was bowled over by his charm, but he was wooden when addressing the masses. You may be satisfied with AB’s justification of Open Up but most of us can only judge on the evidence of our eyes.
  7. 'Hayward unutterably sublime - she is the one who reaches places that others can barely envisage.' Wonderful description.
  8. My only 'fault' with Ball was that he wasn't playing Tybalt as well! For me, his characterisation - entitled/supressed anger/cold violence - was the definitive one. I loved Avis but he is more violent, drunken thug and I prefer it when the characters are all of an age. For me the worst character in any production is Paris. I've seen three different ones now and they all make what they can of it but it seems somehow an underwritten, thankless part.
  9. Depends how you define smart. Knowing so little about him as I do it makes it difficult for me to pronounce judgement on aspects other than what he presents to me. To date I have learned that he is not a good public speaker, lacks what one would term presence and has presided over an expensive construction project that has ill-defined objectives and is of no clearly discernible artistic merit.
  10. Agreed, Bridiem. Was hoping he would become a character artist where he has much to give.
  11. That was my view, Floss. He may be an excellent financial man but surely such a high profile role needs somebody with some charisma, a degree of showmanship and, definitely, the ability to make a short speech without notes? He was ‘t Reciting a timetable of train destinations, rather his point was to show that the generosity of a sponsor was allowing ballet to be seen ‘from Portsmouth to Preston.’ On last night’s showing I had little doubt believing that this man had presided over ROH’s beige makeover. It was a passionless performance.
  12. Thanks for that. He did not impress and needing notes??????
  13. Thank you. Am eating licorice wheels and swigging Prosecco on train!
  14. Brilliantly put. His acting was sublime - I could almost hear the wheels going round I. His brain. From my perspective he was always in control, even as events spiralled away from him. I never got any sense that Naghdi was anything other than a passive partner.
  15. Well said,Capybara. And I say that not just as a fan of Ed Watson but as a realist. Ryochi is a great dancer. He has a physicality that appeals and a strong technique, but he is many moons away from being a dramatic artist. To compare him and EW does them both a disservice. i enjoy seeing Ryochi but his Mayerling was, for me, borderline unacceptable and it will be a long time before I book to see him in a dramatic lead role. I am a huge fan of KOH but if he really believes Hirano is the new Watson, then He knows even less about ballet than I do. He’ll be telling us Golding was the new Muntagirov next.
  16. I would appreciate some info on this gentleman. He came on stage before tonight’s performance and for the life of me,I can’t recall what he said. What I do remember is that he needed two pages of notes to say it which I thought was a poor show Tonight I was accompanied by a French friend who thought the new extension. Was dull with a capital D. We ate I. The Balconies Restaurant which was fine, but clocked that the Beige Tank, otherwise known as the Level 5 Restaurant, ( such an appealing name) was pretty empty. Restaurant tables in the Floral Hall much diminished. The caterers will not put up with this for much longer.
  17. Yes, there it is. Buy a gluten-free Muffin and you might. Find the Box Office - a sort of Helmand - province style oupost in a sea of nothing.
  18. Corrales is streets ahead of Bracewell, wonde fuel though he is. Sometimes charisma must b3 the deciding factor.
  19. Hmm. The reason that Corrales was so good (and he was) is not un connected with his partner, the luminous Francesca Hayward.
  20. On train after a wonderful performance - but I’m going to go with James with his view of Naghdi. i do not have enough technical knowledge to give an informed opinion so can only give my gut feel. Ball blew me away - even better than the Sat matinee but Yasmine, IMHO opinion, never really let go. Of course she was absolutely flawless and ther3 were moments that tugged at my heartstrings,but for me she is just too controlled. I now understand why Hayward is my go-to choice. Maybe she isn’t as technicallly excellent as Naghdi (I really wouldn’t know) but for me her emotional connection is unsurpassed. Naghdi is more in the Marianela mode - fabulous but never moves me.o Somebody said in an earlier post that Ball had developed dramatically more than Naghdi. On tonight’s performance I would have to agree.Matthew was superb in every way. I would love to see him with Hayward.
  21. What a telling headline 'Time for ROH to get on the RIGHT side...' This isn't the forum for the pro's and con's but however much in tune I might be with a protest movements objectives, I am always turned off when people tell me it is the RIGHT way and play the moral majority card. There are always different viewpoints and people should feel free to air these without fear or favour.
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