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Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk?


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My recommendation comes with a qualification: in my view there is no doubt that it's a brilliant, thrilling opera but, having seen a number of productions, I won't be seeing it again, probably ever. The relentlessly sordid plot and unsympathetic characters have worn me down.


I'd definitely recommend going at least once though.

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It is a dark opera, but in an era when Russians had to be depicted as heroic Shostakovich was courageous enough to defy the party line and present a story that is indeed sordid, but for me the score is superlative and I still think Pappano conducts it so well it must be one of the finest achievements of his career.


I second ninamargaret - GO!!

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16 hours ago, ninamargaret said:

Certainly a tough evening, although this production is a lot less hard going than the famous ENO one with Josephine Barstow. If you like Shostakovich in his darkest mood -go!


Are we talking about the old David Pountney one that they last did in about 2003 with Vivian Tierney in the title role?  There was a new Dmitri Tcherniakov one a couple of years ago which had some great moments but was ultimately less successful overall - I was pleased to bump into David Pountney afterwards (they were still using his translation) so I could tell him how much I missed his, which was one of my all-time favourite ENO productions.


 I do like the ROH/Richard Jones one, however - especially that moment when Katerina transforms her bedroom instantaneously into a seductive boudoir.  But it can't beat Pountney's meat carcasses, or the red-uniformed police literally bashing their way in through the wall.

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