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Ballet United Gala | Wednesday 19 July, 7:30pm | Cadogan Hall

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This July, dancer Tom Attard-Manché will launch Ballet United’s first ballet gala to give a platform to talented ballet dancers and to engage a wider audience who may not have ever seen ballet before.


Here is a link to the website and trailer https://www.balletunited.com/


Tickets here http://www.cadoganhall.com/event/ballet-united-gala-170719/


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Thanks for reminding us about this gala Lollylamb1.


It was mentioned under a more generic thread about Cadogan Hall.


I'm sure I saw a list of the dancers scheduled to appear somewhere but I can't find it now.  I do know that Matthew Koon of Northern Ballet is dancing a solo created for him by Nicola Gervasi.


I would love to go to this gala but sadly can't make it.  I hope anyone who is able to go reports back.


There's a Facebook page with some postings that indicate some of the dancers:  https://www.facebook.com/Ballet-United-Gala-1224124681018605/

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I doubt there will be sufficient comment to start a new strand in the Performances Seen BcoF thread - so i thought I would just comment here.


Can I just say what a truly excellent gala this was this evening.  There is NO question but that it was.  This young producer, Tom Attard-Manche (and how sorely these are needed) oversaw a programme which was wonderfully diversified and exceptionally executed by a thrilling team of dazzling young dancers to a mix of live and recorded music.   There was just so much to admire - so much more than I have time to itemise just now.  


POB's Ambre Chiarcosso and Paul Marque were breathtaking in the dazzling piece by Benjamin Millipied, one which keenly reminded me of the Robbins' work which introduced the then SAB student to NYCB - (a work sadly still yet to be seen in London); the ever thrilling Valentino Zucchetti - what a class act this young man is - outdid himself with the world premiere of his tantalising new PDD to a vivid score by Ilan Eshkeri brilliantly rendered by the fine young musicians, especially the lead violinist; the two dancers from DNB (Melissa Chapski and James Stout) who were tellingly eloquent in both of their pieces (Van Manen and Meisner); Northern Ballet's Matthew Koon literally flew with extraordinary and graceful articulation in the solo created on him 'Looking to the Sky'; thought both dancers - Loïck Pireaux (Ballet di Roma) and - again - POB's Chiarcosso - were insightful in the Grand Pas Classique and the final Black Swan PDD was simply world class reminding all and sundry just why Joseph Aumeer should even now be amongst the heady band of zealously brilliant youths now dancing with our our own beloved RB.  He looked so modestly moved by the overwhelming response at the curtain call.  It was touching in the extreme.  


I SO very much look forward to Ballet United's future output.


Many, MANY congratulations to ALL involved - but MOST of all to Mr. Attard-Manche for a difficult job magnificently accomplished. 



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Couldn't agree more Bruce. For me Melissa Chapski and James Stout were outstanding and Ambre Chiarcosso really caught my eye as one to be watched. The only down on the evening was the choice of venue. Cadogan Hall isn't and never will be a suitable venue for dance.

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Kudos to Tom Atard-Manche for arranging the Gala as an opener for his new venture. He certainly gave many young dancers the opportunity to perform and it was especially lovely to see Joseph Aumeer on stage again. I also thought that Scott MacKenzie (ex RBS and now with Vienna) did amazingly well with the fiendishly difficult Prince's solo from Act 1 of Nureyev's Sleeping Beauty.


I do think that, however, that the purpose of Ballet United remains a little fuzzy. It laudably seeks to involve wider audiences in ballet/dance but will its activities be restricted to performances? Maybe, also, care should be taken not to 'over claim'. What we saw last night were not some of the 'greatest artists in the world' and it did not matter that they were not because they had the opportunity to shine and be appreciated by an unusually 'young' audience for dance.

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