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Passing the time in Battersea


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We've always favoured the Lebanese place on the corner of Battersea Square - I think it's called Mazar - but there are plenty of cafes in easy walking distance. If the weather is decent it's only a shirt walk to Battersea Park which is very pleasant. If it's raining I'd be inclined to hop on the bus back towards the city centre as I've never found anything under cover in the immediate environs of the RAD. The 170 bus stops right outside the RAD and goes to Victoria via Chelsea. The National Army Museum and Chelsea Physic Garden are very close to each other and only a few stops away on the bus.

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I second the vote for kings road but also there is a really good cafe that do a great all day breakfast nearby. Wish I could remember the names of the roads but Basically you walk out of Battersea square with rad hq behind you heading to the top right hand corner and head towards the main road as if you were going over the bridge, just as you turn onto the main road with the bridge in front of you, on the left hand side is an unassuming looking cafe. Lovely food, very reasonable prices. Also if you cross the main road from there you can face the bridge and turn right there's a nice little walk with a couple of decent coffee shops/ eateries

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Yes the Park is nice if weather good and you could just hop on a bus over the bridge to Kings Road.

In fact if you've got a few hours I'd do this to find a really nice cafe etc but if only an hour or so then the Lebanese cafe mentioned nearby is okay.

The Chelsea Physic garden is really interesting and has a very nice cafe too.

It's off Kings Road near the town hall and then walk down Flood st I think it's called.

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