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The Lowry CAT


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Hi all, I was just wondering whether anybody has any information about the CAT at the Lowry in Manchester? My teacher has got lots of people onto it, but I don't really know much about it. It seems primarily contemporary? I am classical. Is there lots of ballet too? I haven't found any threads about it so I thought it may be useful for others too :)

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You might find this video useful 


I also wrote an article on the Lowry CAT in my blog on 27 May 2016. 

The CAT seems to cover a lot of dance disciplines.  I came across a Bharatanatyam class at the Dancehouse last October. The teacher spotted my companion who is of Indian heritage and told my companion that she was teaching Bharatanatyam as part of the CAT programme.  

The above film mentions ballet and actually shows students at the barre.  

I suggest you contact Jonathan Poole, the CAT Manager, at The Lowry, Pier 8 Salford Quays, M50 3AZ Tel: 0161 876 2025 Email: jonathan.poole@thelowry.com

and ask him.

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