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Norwich Theatre Royal - Which Seats?

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I favour the circle myself, the same as for any ballet anywhere. Should you have been lucky enough to get a 7 pound seat right at the back you would have done well,though the view is obviously distant. I've had a good view from all seats, usually going for the 'yellow' or green ones. Red will of course be good.


I like being above the action the better to see patterns. However I don't know the production so can't advise on specifics.

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The very back row of the circle is raised up on a step so you can get a really good view there- but you have to be lucky to get these £7 seats. There is a row with a bit of a gap in front of it- I think it's row K in the circle. Also the sides- (row L?) in the circle have no row in front of them. There are quite a few good options!

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