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Dance Training Alternatives


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Hiya, just wondering if anyone knows of any alternative dance courses (contemporary, maybe with some ballet?) instead of vocational schools are university?


I'm looking into the BalletBoyz dancer's course: http://www.balletboyz.com/dancers-course/1718-applications-are-open/


and wondered if anyone knew of any other options? Any apprenticeships? 


Thanks :) 

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Most non-university dance courses will incur fees, for which there are no loans. So you might want to think carefully about leaving your current course. Questions for yourself such as your aims & goals, and what is realistic for you to accomplish. It's complex, I should think!


You might have a look at what the Jasmin Vardimon Company offers in training at the 16+ level, and their PG Cert - although you need a BA (Hons) or equivalent to enter that.

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I think a lot of apprenticeships for contemporary companies are through post graduate placements so you might need your degree in order to apply. There are exceptions. Hofesh Shechter is the one that springs to mind - though be warned the competition is way greater than for entry to vocational school. As Kate says most other courses/training programs will cost. Kibbutz Dance company run summer and year round programs (Israel) and I know of a few in Europe, whose names escape me at the moment. Closer to home does Chantry Dance offer anything for you?


Some websites to keep an eye on are networkdance.com


and www.article19.co.uk (Shout)


These sites not only have notifications of auditions but also sections on workshops, courses, training programs etc.  You might find that rather than leaving your current course you can widen your experience with some short workshops with companies that fit in with your schedule.

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