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  1. I am glad that I could give you some insight. Basically, if a student is a borderline fail in ANY year they can be offered the possibility to redo the year instead of being asked to leave. For example, my dd is at another 'Conservatoire' in France and out of the class of 7 first year girls, 2 were asked to leave, 2 are redoing the first year and 3 passed into the second year. It is very common in all French vocational schools. This had no bearing on academic studies which continue. The other advantage is the vocational schools are supported by the state and so the fees are low and affordable. They do not hold a summer school, but most of the teachers teach in other summer schools in France.
  2. Hello, My DD has two friends at the CNSMDP, one redoing the first year and one in the fourth year and they are both very happy! The audition is in two parts, a lesson with around 30 students and if successful, a notice is pinned up at the end of the afternoon, the students selected perform a prepared solo. Although there are lots of applicants at various levels, the intake is very small, and the process lasts over a few days with each day allocated to different ages (entry 14yrs-17yrs). The results are very quickly given, at the end of the week or the beginning of the next. Almost all the teachers are ex-POB 'Etoiles' who have all completed one, if not two, obligatory teacher training courses ( illegal to teach without in France). It is an excellent school and at 15yrs all the students pass a competition and the winner has the opportunity to complete their training at the POB school (This happened to a girl my dd knows and she received a contract with POB upon completion of her training last year). There are usually a couple of students at the 'Prix' each year and the standard is very high. If they feel you have potential but haven't progressed enough, it is possible to redo a 'dance' year ('redouble'). The class sizes are usually between 12-20 students, half girls and boys. Graduates can go anywhere in France and further afield ; POB, Opera de Bordeaux, Capitol de Toulouse, UK Scottish Ballet , Monaco , Royal Danish Ballet etc Sorry I can't help you with the B1/A2 question, https://www.dansesaveclaplume.com This website reports on their open day and show each year with photos and video footage to give you an idea! I hope this helps, feel free to ask anymore questions, although be warned the 'boarding' part does not include weekends! Good Luck Sam
  3. Hi Domino, My dd used Perfect Pointe when doing lots of rehearsals/exams last year and never stopped using them. It is quite an easy system to follow!!
  4. There are not many that enter after 13, but it does happen. I do not know the percentage of those that start between 9-13 and finish Upper School either, unfortunately. I do know two that started at 11yrs that graduated 2 years ago, one boy did two years as supernumerary before getting a contract in Italy and a girl who is on her third year as supernumerary. Wherever you research , graduate destinations are important , but also , for me, it was school atmosphere, pastoral care and as others have said on this forum the right fit for your child. My dd only started ballet at 9/10 and so did not try POB at 13yrs, she did two years of 'sport studies' , school morning and ballet afternoon/evening and then auditioned for vocational school at 15yrs , at the two schools of our choice. Good Luck, its not easy!
  5. Students can be assessed out at the end of any year. If accepted, it is affordable compared to UK schools but the boarding house shuts at weekend, and so you have to find host families (Afab mentioned this in a previous post). The last two girls that entered the Corps de Ballet from the School (Concours last summer) both started at 15yrs, one came from the Prix de Lausanne and the other from the CNSMDP. Some students, who graduate, stay at POB on supernumerary contracts and try again a year/two/three years later. On looking at their graduate destinations they seem to end up in companies in France and Europe, interestingly at the 'Opera de Bordeaux' there are graduates from POB and RBS.
  6. We were in Biarritz last week for a spring ballet course and the dog came too!! We stayed in a campsite and found dog-friendly beaches!!
  7. http://www.biarritz-academie-danse.com/en/ This summer school has a great reputation, friends of my dd have been going for years!
  8. I bought these for dd last year after years of silicon toe pads. They saved her feet when she had rehearsals every day last November!!!
  9. If she is brave enough to travel ; http://www.bejart-rudra.ch/pen_homepage_01.php
  10. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with a hip stress fracture 3 days before and so could not attend Monaco or Royal Danish Ballet SS last summer, bed rest for 2 months She was very disappointed! Her friend went and really enjoyed it, although, she said the same as Flora about the level of interest.
  11. My dd applied for the ss last year and we just did a general 15 min video with barre work, a short middle, a few pointe exercises and a small contemporary solo of 2 min at the end! I hope this helps!
  12. Hi Ballet4ever, My dd has just started her second year in vocational school in France (we live here), if you would like more info on the schools here and the process etc let me know!
  13. My dd and I sew her pointes together, I darn ( Perimeter of pointe x 2 in blanket stitch) and she sews ribbons and elastics! In front of a good film our production line manages two pairs in 1 1/2 hrs !!
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