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Pointe Shoe Blocks - Help!


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Morning all, 


A quick question. 


Tried, tested and successful methods for softening the blocks to Grishko Pro 2007.


Teacher complaining that the block is too noisy, DD will be on stage next week in a festival but dress rehearsal tomorrow


Heeeeeelp.  :wacko:   Thank you

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Hi, I wear Grishko 2007 Pros too. Unfortunately these are very noisy shoes and there is no real way around them! I have found that if you hold the shoe in the middle and hit the box of the shoe against the floor repeatedly and very forcefully (sole side facing down), this helps to make the shoe somewhat quieter. Hope this helps.

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Thank you, I was lead to believe that the Pro was one of the quieter shoes after reading the Grishko website. 


Unfortunately this doesn't appear to be quite so accurate. 


I am normally the first to moan about the clonking of the pointe shoes, making some performances sound more like a clog dance. Hence the research. I shall know for next time. 


Now to find the hammer and old towel and have a go. And as far as steaming, great idea, I can multitask and have a cuppa at the same time. Perfect. 


Cheers to both of you for your reply

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Thank you for all your responses. 


Hammer it was, after the dress rehearsal I don't know why I was panicking over just my DD's shoes. The group ballet sounded more like a clog dance! 


At least I know I tried and her solo should be quieter! 

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