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Advice on Strengthening


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My dd has just had some rather stern feedback from a highly qualified and very experienced teacher. She said dd is very weak, needs to strengthen her core and really focus on basic technique.


I'm after advice (from the teachers here) about the best kind of exercises to do. She is auditioning for vocational school for Yr 7 this year, so we haven't got long.


Any tips/pointers/links to best core exercises for ballet would be massively appreciated.


Many thanks.

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I'm not a teacher, noobag, but if you can find a teacher who provides classes in Pilates for Dancers that would be a great start. Sometimes they are called Body Conditioning classes, but the basic principle is the same - teaching young dancers how to engage and strengthen their core muscles.


Is your dd an Associate anywhere? Some schemes have Pilates-type classes before Ballet.

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It is my opinion that whoever gave the feedback should perhaps have followed it up with some advice on how best to address the issues! Reading between the lines here, I am assuming (rightly or wrongly) that this feedback did not come from your DD's regular teacher? If this is, indeed the case, then you have two options. Either 1) contact the teacher who gave the feedback and ask for further advice, or  2) Seek the advice of other local teachers with good track records of having students accepted at vocational schools. I know of several in Surrey/South London but not so many in Kent. Perhaps others can recommend?

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