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Costs of Ballet, Singing and Drama.


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We have a fabulous costume club at DD's dance school which I put a few £'s into each week - normally just the pound coins that I have in my purse at the time. Come show time (now!) all her costumes are already paid for, plus new tights, ballet flats, etc as needed AND I get money back. This year I'd stashed away £80+ across the year and as she was able to re-use/adapt a few costumes I'll be getting over £40 back this weekend. Nice to get money back from dancing for a change! ha ha

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I never even though about the petrol, Taxi! We lived 30 miles away from Cambridge and spent four days a week there!


My DD breaks up from her CAT scheme next week. She's devastated and I'm thinking "phew, thank goodness, thats £30 per week less petrol I'll be using!" :-D

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