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2016 Mariinsky International Ballet Festival, Mar 31-Apr 10

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Live webcast: 




1 April Friday 19:30-22:30

XVI International Ballet Festival MARIINSKY

Diana Vishneva. Tribute to a Teacher

An evening of ballet in honour of Professor Lyudmila Kovaleva

The programme includes:

I. Divertissement featuring students of Lyudmila Kovaleva:
Ekaterina Borchenko (Mikhailovsky Theatre)Olga Esina (Wiener Staatsoper)Sofia GumerovaAlisa PetrenkoOlga Smirnova (Bolshoi Theatre), Kristina ShapranNika Tskhvitaria (Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theatre), Diana VishnevaZlata YalinichTimur AskerovVitaly AmelishkoAlexander Beloborodov,Roman Belyakov Yevgeny IvanchenkoIgor KolbDanila KorsuntsevRoman Lazik (Wiener Staatsoper), Vladimir Malakhov,Artem Ovcharenk> (Bolshoi Theatre), Alexander SergeyevAlexei TyutyunnikNail YenikeyevAndrei Yermakov

Choreography by 
Hans van Manen
Ballet Master: Rachel Beaujean
Lighting Design: Bert Dalhuysen
Costume Design: Keso Dekker
Video master: Henk van Dijk
Piano: Olga Khoziainova

Diana Vishneva and Konstantin Zverev

The Mariinsky Orchestra
Conductor: Gavriel Heine

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I have just checked five different websites and they all give the time as two hours ahead..... And apparently there had been no change to " summer time " at all since a decree in Oct 2014 .... If I knew someone in Moscow I could ring and ask what time it was. But I don't so I can't!

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St Petersburg is on UTC +3 (universal coordinated time, which happens to be Greenwich mean time)


London is on UTC + 1 (aka BST or GMT +1)


So 2hrs time difference for UK viewers it is, starting at 5.30 pm


St Petersburg will stay on UTC +3 throughout the year, so in Autumn/Winter the time difference will be 3hrs when the UK switches back to GMT


Denmark/Germany are UTC +2 for summer, so their summer time difference is 1hr

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This would seem to be a good point to remind readers of what the AUP says about posting YouTube links and the like:


"Videos, photos and copyright issues The very widespread availability of videos and photographs on media websites such as YouTube, photo sharing and so-called ‘torrent’ sites which allow media downloads raises problems of acknowledgement and copyright. When links to videos and photos are made on this site it is the member's responsibility to satisfy themselves that rights are respected. We reserve the right to remove links where we believe this not to be the case."


The fact that the video has been removed suggests that the rights probably haven't been respected in this case.


The link to the AUP can be found under "Community guidelines" at the bottom right of each page.

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