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Rudra-Béjart in Lausanne


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Hi all,


I'm looking for any information about Rudra in Lausanne. I know it's difficult to get in but do people know about its reputation (bad or good), where graduates go, etc.


DD2 really wants to audition there and I'm not sure...


Any help would be good!


Thank you,

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I don't have any personal experience of Rudra, but it is one of the top tier of schools.  Their graduates go on to work in various companies world-wide.  If you go onto their website, click the Auditions tab and then the After Rudra tab, there is a list of graduate destinations.


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Hello Afab,

We also live in France and my dd's teacher rates the school very highly. My dd is still too young to apply, this year, but he has friends that went there and it has a reputation for hard work, solid technique and high employment afterwards. Quite a few graduates go to neo-classic companies in France like Malandain etc and the others all over the world. They train 6 days a week, with Monday off and work 11 months of the year, although the course is two years, I think.

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Thanks Sam & everybody else...



DD2 is enrolled for the audition and I've been following the school for a while... I'm just unsure of what it has to offer and especially how, I suppose. It seems very different from other schools... I don't know exactly what I'm unsure about but something is making me so... I suppose we can always go and see...

That's why all your opinions and knowledge are important to me. 


Sam, what you said about companies was interesting especially since DD2is very interested in neo-classic and modern ballet. May I ask where you are in France? We're in the North.


Anymore opinion is welcome and if we do decide to go, I'll report here so that more people can gain knowledge of the school.

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We live in Lyon now, but before we lived in La Clusaz (ski resort) for 10 yrs. We had to move as I was driving 1000km a week for ballet and music lessons!! I am on my own and my job is quite adaptable so figured why not? My girls are twins (dancer/music) so figured we would have more opportunities here in Lyon!!

My dd is applying fo CNSMD Paris and Lyon this year and Marseille, but is 15yrs in May, so we still have time  :)

How have you found dance training where you are?

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