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RIP Sian Blake

Lisa O`Brien

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I don`t watch any soaps; haven`t done so for over 20 years,so I have no idea who this lady was. But just found out she and her two children`s bodies have been found. RIP to them all. I sometimes wish this country`s Government would grow a backbone and allow much more severe punishments when it has been proved a person is guilty of murder. [ Not saying this is definately one of those cases BTW. ]

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I also wish the various news programmes covering this story could find out how to correctly pronounce the late woman's name. They are making much of her appearances in Eastenders, as of course referring to her as having been in the soap, albeit briefly and some years ago, supposedly gets more attention. As if what appears to have happened to her and her children isn't sufficiently dreadful and newsworthy in itself.

They could at least bother to get her name right. 

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