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Xmas presents for DDs teacher


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One of the nicest presents I received was a personalized plate from a class that had little drawings and messages on it from each student.


Another favourite was homemade Biscotti! I also love hand drawn cards and pictures from all ages!


I've also received quirky Christmas decorations each year from one student, great fun!


A handmade tote bag was also well received from pupils noticing the amount of stuff being carried in tatty carrier bags.


How about a Bottle of Champagne and personalized glasses?


I also like plants as they are a lasting reminder of the student, I've a Christmas Cactus from a couple of years back still doing well.


Hope this helps a little.


By the way, if anyone who knows me is reading this please don't go rushing to the shops on my behalf!

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It's quite hard to find this year, but there is a lovely ballerina Christmas tree ornament by Newbridge Silver. Dd's teacher has also been pleased with framed dance action photos of Dd and updates her gallery at home when she gets a new one! I'm sure that anything chosen and given with love will be appreciated.

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What about getting a pair of your dds old ballet shoes decorated and displayed, she could write her own personal thank you on the sole? I've got a pair of decorated pointe shoes in a cage and one of my student has hers in a frame display box which she covered the back of with the sheet music from the nutcracker.

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A couple of years ago DD and I made her teacher an album with a picture of DD from every year that she had danced with her, and a few lines of writing about a particular memory from each year. She loved it, and we had great fun digging out the old photos and seeing how DD changed over the years. How about doing something similar?

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