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  1. Hi all, My son has all his uniform and I have elastic in my dressmaking stuff. However, I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with this elastic. Does anyone on here have a clue what I need to do and could maybe send me a photo of their son with the elastic round the tights/trousers Can you tell I'm clueless as he's only ever worn his all in one shorts outfit for his local lessons!!! Thanks Katy
  2. Hi, My ds has a place to start in September as an MA. He is going into year 7. Are there any other boys parents who are starting, or maybe current MAs who fancy doing a few zoom calls before September? We did it for a few before the spring intensive and it really helped with their nerves of walking in to the unknown. He wasn't a JA, so this is all new to us!
  3. It's a yes for my DS - he'll be so excited after school!!!
  4. It was a no for my son, which was expected as he's so new to this audition thing. He's already said he wants to apply for next year! 🤣😂 don't think I coukd take the stress!!!!
  5. We're going to sort out a zoom call for the boys to see each other 😍
  6. Ooh yes, my ds is blue and Jebsen too. I'll message you both. If anyone else wants to join in a zoom call, please message me and we'll sort it out for later in the week xx
  7. My ds was chosen for finals for 2 schools, he is not in any associate scheme, just his local dance school. He does more hours now only because he chose to do extra ballet and less other dancing. This is the first time he has experienced any auditions and had an amazing time. He met some lovely other boys and wished he had written down his phone number so they could text and maybe play on computers together. He came out buzzing from both auditions. He didn't get upset at not getting a place at WL but instead said that means he gets to stay with his family (unless he gets offered Elmhurst) and that he wants to audition for everything he can as he lived meeting other boys, his age, who love ballet as much as him. I really enjoyed chatting to some of the other Mums outside Elmhurst, while waiting for the boys to finish. I have only come across supportive, lovely parents and would have loved to stay in touch. Thank you for making both mine and my sons first auditions relaxed and fun xx
  8. Are any of the year 7 children on here going to the spring intensive next week? My ds is a bit apprehensive after he didn't get a place for September and the older boy he knows through his local dance school is in a different group. Just wondering if there are a few in the same group we could maybe do a zoom call for them (and us!) to say hello before they go next week.
  9. Congratulations to all the yes's too. Amazing news for you all xxxxxx
  10. My son is in the same position but for year 7. I'm brand new to all of this and white lodge was his first audition. Good luck to your daughter on Friday x
  11. Good luck to all the girls auditioning today. Have fun and smile lots 😄😊
  12. My ds took his bag into school with his book and snack etc today! He couldn't wait to show his friends and teacher 🥰
  13. Good luck to all the girls auditioning over the next few days - you'll be fab x
  14. Morning all. Hope you all slept well - I had an awful night but my ds seemed to sleep ok!
  15. We are in the Premier Inn too. Both had showers, now listening to a bit more of our audio book, snuggled up together. His eyes keep drooping!!! Xx
  16. Now I'm switching my phone off to do some work otherwise my year 10's will not be learning about straight line graphs tomorrow 😂
  17. My son found some Disney music that has been converted to ballet music last year. He loves it and often listens to it falling asleep now too. I also have it on in the background when working at home. Agree that it has given them an extra boost - my ds teacher says he's been trying harder in lessons since getting the finals places. Almost like it has confirmed he is good at ballet. He is the newest to his little dance school and is lower in level than any of them. His junior lessons have 4 children in, just him and 3 girls. He sees the other boy who is older, in body conditioning classes and they play on xboxes together. But he always feels like he's not as good as the others. The teacher is very selective on who she trains and did say to me last year that he is a lot lower in ability than anyone she has taken on before, but she sees a potential to be great. So he was taken on with the promise of hardwork on his part. Then lockdown hit last year, a week after he had got a place. So it has been so tough. But these little things, finals and spring intensive place, have given him little boosts to his confidence. The best thing for him was meeting other boys who are his age and love dancing - he felt like he fitted in with them all.
  18. And I've just realised I've been doing the likes wrong - so none I've added to posts have gone on till just now 🙈
  19. Haha, yes I've had to add restrictions now on my boys computers as they were both getting to the point of being obsessed. Since I've limited their time they've both been drawing lots and doing craft bits (with all their little sister's materials, much to her disgust). During the big lockdown last year though, the computer was such a big help to alleviate boredom and to connect with their friends. This time they've been going to school throughout so still seeing some friends and using their brains.
  20. Completely agree with this. I teach at a secondary school and only a couple I teach get stressed about stuff. The majority just go about life without a care in the world
  21. I'm praying the restrictions lift and we can go on our caravan holiday to France this year as it was cancelled last summer. It is madness, it's all consuming. I feel like we've been thrown into another world!
  22. I'll be glad when it's over too. I can't concentrate on my research project I'm supposed to be doing today and I've still got a lesson to plan for tomorrow but my head is all over the place. Luckily it doesn't appear to be bothering my son in the same way. I think this is worse that waiting for news for anything I've ever done for myself 😂 I'm at home today and not in school so I'll see his school teacher at the gate this afternoon and see if he's been different in class at all, but at home he seems his usual self.
  23. Wow, I've just read all of your replies and am now certain my ds will get a no. I don't have a clue whether his turnout is good or his hamstrings are tight etc. He does his 3 lessons a week, does a few stretches most days, can't get into any splits, but is a lot closer to it since starting with a different dance school last March (and doing more lessons with his teacher). I honestly feel completely clueless. He only originally did the video for an MA space but his teacher said about ticking the box for the school and sending one to Elmhurst too. In his head he would love to dance every day and be with other boys (and girls) of his age who also love ballet. But he won't be too upset if he doesn't get a place as he never thought he would even get an audition. I've not seen him dance officially since before he joined his new dance school, so don't really know what he's like. Obviously I watched his audition videos snd he's definitely improved a lot since the last time we were allowed to have a viewing week, but I don't know what I'm looking for, so just don't have a clue!!! Your boys all sound so amazing, confident and so good at ballet. I don't know how they will choose only 14 of them! I've not asked about the audition since Friday evening. He spouted out loads on the way home. Mentioned one of 2 bits over the weekend that I hadn't heard first time, when he was telling my Mum what it was like. He's still grinning every now and then and when I ask why he says he is just thinking about the school! He had his private lesson on zoom last night and came out of the lounge after buzzing - his teacher obviously knows what he's talking about, so they had a little catch up and talked technical stuff! I'm just hoping we don't have to wait the full 2 weeks. This is worse than waiting for my exam results last year!!!
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