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  1. I talked to registrar yesterday. They still do not know when exactly- March 16, 17, or 18
  2. I was told that they still don’t know the dates
  3. It was the same at my girls dance academy. My DD was offered finals at WL last year but instead of joy she only got disbelief from the others.
  4. Thank you very much! Good luck to you too!
  5. Hello. Just a few minutes ago we got an email from Elmhurst. My DD is offered a final audition!
  6. I hope it too. It seems that UK children and international students will have two separate finals this year.
  7. I’ve got an email from RBS. The results will be sent today for the UK residents. However, international students will wait a little bit longer
  8. We are international so no way without boarding
  9. They wrote me this: “We would like to offer Amelia the opportunity to attend our funding audition, which will be held in March, where she can be assessed for eligibility for a funded boarding place at Tring Park.”
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