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  1. My dd is an elmhurst YD, my thought is they may be doing alphabetically 😂 we are at the beginning. @Lara Eschler myself and elmhurst are the only ones with the link, and I’ve deliberately not viewed the video via you tube, so was only the 1 view on it from when they received it and I asked them to check link.
  2. Our elmhurst video was looked at this morning 😬 won’t be able to tell how long for, until tomorrow. it’s via you tube, but looks like they are now viewing auditions 😬🙏🏻
  3. We had one view beginning of December and then the one view yesterday (yesterday’s was only 16 seconds) maybe they are just checking links are working @Bunny x
  4. Yes, we’ve had our video audition viewed today too. I can’t tell how long it’s been viewed for, as it’s through you tube. We can officially start waiting for results 😬🤞🏻Good luck everyone.
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