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  1. The 3 widths are 45” each. So depending how long you want you will need length x3 + hem and waistband allowance. JA skirts usually have a half inch hem, then another few inches turned over to allow for growth. The bigger hem gives the skirt a little extra weight allowing it to hang better. fabric is a lightweight cotton/polycotton.
  2. Yes that would be great! Thank you 😊
  3. We are week 3 too, my dd is also 11. Nice to know there will be others her age, the few girls she knows who are attending, are all going week 2.
  4. My dd is week 3. Didn't realise it was a new venue. I’m sure they’ll all make friends instantly! Something lovely for them to look forward to after a year of cancellations 😢
  5. Hi, just came across this thread whilst browsing summer school topics. My dd will be attending ybss this summer, it’ll be her first ballet residential, after her Easter and summer residential’s were cancelled last year. I was wondering what the accommodation set up was like? Do they have large dorm’s or small rooms? Are they kept in age groups when not dancing, or are they free to mix etc? We don’t know any others who are going in our week, so want to prepare her a little - even though I’m confident she’ll make friends very quickly. We are hoping to get some studio time once we are
  6. Just wondering if anyone knows how many y7 girls were at the finals? I’ve only just found out the second group on 16th were in fact, y7s and 8s mixed? Do we have any idea on numbers?
  7. @PetitJeté it’s a no for my dd too. Lots of tears from her even though I had tried to prepare her for a no. The email did state the year 7 girls this year were of an exceptionally high standard, so that is a little comforting. Hope your DD is ok xx
  8. Congratulations @TwirlyWhirly so pleased for your DS x
  9. Wait list is amazing and it’s not uncommon to get a place. Maybe they have placed a few waiting lists until they see the DC who weren’t able to make the auditions.
  10. Ah ok then, it’s all so confusing! Can’t help but 2nd guess their every move. Good luck to your ds. Really hope boys results are tomorrow!
  11. Ok thank you! Great to know your dc didn’t get a recall but was still a yes. my DD keeps drip feeding me extra information that she’s remembering, it’s driving me crazy! Hopefully not too much longer until results are in.
  12. My dd has only just remembered, at the end of the ballet class, her group were all told not to get ready because the panel might want to recall one or 2 of them. After 5 minutes of waiting they were told the panel didn’t need to see any of them, so they were free to get their tracksuits on. I’m wondering if anyone’s DC were recalled and what this might actually mean? (I know I’m over analysing 😆)
  13. My daughter only seen one physio and didn’t get the machine thing. We could drive ourselves crazy with the why’s and how’s. Hopefully not too long until we will get the results 😕
  14. My dd seen just one physio during finals. She did however do some exercises/stretches in front of the panel during the ballet class. So in that sense, their flexibility was looked at twice. Is this what you mean?
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