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  1. We haven't had any views yet but didn't submit until 4th January x
  2. I did wonder if they are keeping numbers low due to coronavirus. If things start returning to "normal" in September would they be able to increase class sizes and offer SWL pupils a space - or maybe thats just wishful thinking 😬. There didn't seem to be many pupils that were offered a place on this forum for year 6, but I know that not everyone in the ballet world uses this forum! x
  3. No, my DD is SWL for London and I was wondering the same thing x
  4. Hope you don't me asking but just wondering if you heard anything back from Royal Ballet? x
  5. No I haven't, it would be interesting to know though. There does seem to be a lot on SWL. What centre were you enquiring about? My DD is SWL for London x
  6. Thats amazing, well done to your DD. Gives me hope for my DD who is on SWL for London. I do wonder how much covid is having an affect on places being offered.
  7. SWL for my DD for London - it was a no last year x
  8. Yes. I had an email this morning to say they couldn't view my childs video, so I emailed the vimeo link over and when I checked the analytics a few hours later it had been viewed.
  9. Just sent my daughters off. When do you think we will hear anything?
  10. Yes she is August born and never done anything like this before. Good luck for your results xx
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