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  1. I think I would have to. Its not every day you get an offer to be Royal Ballet Associate. Well done your DD.
  2. for a year 5 place. Yes I did too, my DD is August born and she was one of the first in the line up!
  3. We're also waiting for London 3 group 2. I'm thinking early next week now. Also want to say well done to the yes's and hope the not yets have taken it well.
  4. There was definitely only 1st and 2nd choice on my form.
  5. I know, I'm refreshing like mad and we are waiting for London so a while for us yet! Good luck everyone, fingers crossed for some results today.
  6. Based on todays news, can anyone say when London is expected to be released?
  7. @Bunny amazing news, and the first result is a yes! Well done your DS x
  8. In previous years have they always said at auditions to expect results end of June? I'm just wondering if they really do mean end ofJune!!!
  9. In my DD's group there was 27 of them, who pretty much looked the same build and height to me. An hours lesson seem quite short to make a big decision but I guess they know what they are looking for.
  10. @Astrid I did not expect to feel like this! I'm even analysing everything DD has said about her audition 😫
  11. @Astrid it is the last day in London, then they said a few auditions early next week. We should expect to hear at the end of June! x
  12. Good luck @Waverley, we were there yesterday. The whole experience is just really lovely. Even if nothing comes of it for my DD I'm just so pleased we went for it, we both had a lovely day and Im sure you will too x
  13. Just one quick question, are they strict on only 1 adult being allowed in to the waiting area with DC?
  14. Thank you @Waverley, my DD is a young 8 year old, she is 9 in August. I'm excited and scared at the same time!!
  15. Hi there I'm new to this forum but since finding it I feel completely out of my depth. When DD's dance teacher approached me to apply for DD to audition I didn't even know what a JA was. DD was keen to apply after watching some YouTube clips so we went ahead. Now the audition is just round the corner I am worried that we will be the ones that turn up and look out of place. DD's audition is on Thursday in London. I'm just panicking a bit I guess. Thanks for listening, and good luck to everyone that has auditioned so far, it does sound like all the DC enjoy the experience.
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