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  1. Yes she is August born and never done anything like this before. Good luck for your results xx
  2. I really need to go shopping but I can't leave the house till I know lol. I'm waiting for London 3, please please let the results come through before 3pm 😩
  3. Sorry to hear this, hope your DD takes it well x
  4. Surely London will be tomorrow, I am now at that stage where I just need to know, its so consuming not knowing 😫
  5. We are waiting for London 3. I'm ironing everything in sight today so stop the constant refreshing! Surely its going to be today.
  6. I think I would have to. Its not every day you get an offer to be Royal Ballet Associate. Well done your DD.
  7. for a year 5 place. Yes I did too, my DD is August born and she was one of the first in the line up!
  8. We're also waiting for London 3 group 2. I'm thinking early next week now. Also want to say well done to the yes's and hope the not yets have taken it well.
  9. There was definitely only 1st and 2nd choice on my form.
  10. I know, I'm refreshing like mad and we are waiting for London so a while for us yet! Good luck everyone, fingers crossed for some results today.
  11. Based on todays news, can anyone say when London is expected to be released?
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