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  1. It looks like it so far @Lara Eschler - we've not heard anything about JA classes being cancelled at DD's centre yet - but I think it is inevitable that they will be at some point. Such a shame re. the spring intensive, however much it is the right thing to do it's still really disappointing for everyone who was due to attend that.
  2. Oh thank you for that beautiful clip of the Chanel costumes @Buddy, I absolutely loved that. I love this thread and will post more when I get a chance but in short I’ve found my interest in dance and specifically ballet rekindled by the fact that my children now do it - so I’d say I’m hoping to be a crossover going forward.
  3. What was the answer to that question out of interest? I did put a pic of DD on my (private) instagram page but still feeling a bit bad about it (even though no-one other than my immediate family and close friends will ever see it 😂)
  4. I know, typical! Is anyone else on here in the Newcastle class out of interest?
  5. Oh no @BattementBatty - nightmare! I never thought to tell DD to take the belt off travelling home but think I will now 😲 Agree it would be worth emailing the supplier... DD loved her first class on Saturday - she was so excited beforehand and then suddenly a little bit quiet going in but when we were invited back to see the homework exercises she was beaming and said she'd loved it. The teacher seems lovely and the studio is big and bright. I'd forgotten they would have a pianist - that was a nice surprise. In terms of travel, we will be getting the train usually (it
  6. To be honest the thing with gymnastics - to do it at a high level anyway - is that they have to be absolutely focused on that and not much else by 7/8 ish, which is crazy I know but it just seems to be the way it is. DD has two friends who now train over 20 hours a week in gym (at 8 years old). DD isn't on that track at all. So it's a conversation we've been having on and off for a few years now, without trying to put ideas in her head. If i'm totally honest with myself I would prefer her to focus on dance (for various reasons) but we've been trying to let her decide so that it's
  7. Hi @Lara Eschler - my DD is starting JAs on Saturday and that's the only external associate scheme she is going to do. She is 8. She does quite a bit at her own dance school, including two graded RAD classes, jazz, contemporary, tap, competition team classes etc. She also does their own internal ballet associates class. It all adds up to quite a few classes each week but she loves it all and it's very social. Fortunately her school don't do many competitions so we don't have many weekends where they are off competing and missing class etc. Our 'problem' is that she al
  8. I haven't @BattementBatty, I had actually forgotten we still had to pay until someone asked me the other day how much it was! Carried away in the excitement of hoodies and leotards 😂
  9. We have a similar issue, and I know even now that DD will have to miss 2 RBS classes for gymnastics competitions (in our case). The dates for the gymnastics competitions are set for the whole of our region and if she doesn't attend on those specific dates she will miss out on being to move up to the next grade or level for another whole year until the next date comes around. DD is planning to stop gymnastics this time next year so hopefully the year after it will be easier. We have the added complication of having to miss another 2 weeks because we had booked a holiday months ago
  10. I saw it on Monday and loved it. I've never posted thoughts on a performance here before (I generally use the forum in relation to my DD and DS) so please excuse my very non-expert opinions... While the dancing was excellent and the set and lighting incredibly clever, I was most taken by how emotionally moving the whole thing was. I've seen a lot of ballet and never felt particularly 'moved' before, but the relationship between John and Abigail and then the extreme hurt of Elizabeth as she walked in on them was just portrayed so well. The uniform dancing of the church
  11. We're back from holidays now and starting to think about getting organised for next term - have returned to an exciting parcel containing the tracksuit top, belt and ribbon 🙂 My DD is 8 in August and v small so we went for the smallest sizes in everything - the size 0 leotard fits perfectly other than the wide crotch as others have mentioned. The tracksuit top is baggy but fine. Has anyone found any navy leggings or joggers that match it well? I didn't buy the official ones having read the comments here.
  12. Hi all - we have finally accepted DD’s place today after a week of discussion 😂 she will be in the Newcastle class - I’ve ordered a size 0 leo and a 7/8 jacket and hoping it all fits as she is a small 7 year old, not 8 until August... thanks for all the tips above!
  13. Hi all 🙂 Good info here already - thanks! We haven’t officially accepted the place yet (as we are in discussions about what centre DD will go to) so I haven’t got the info pack through. Can I just check - does it specify leather ballet shoes for girls? DD has only ever had satin so may need to find a new style that fit well in leather if so (her feet are incredibly narrow so shoes can be tricky to find!)
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