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  1. I agree - I don’t think the FAQ have been updated for this year - and I would also note that I think that’s talking more about mid/senior associates. For JA the process was always a bit later in the year, auditioning in person in spring time roughly and results out in June. The website was a bit out of date re then summer intensives as well - they hadn’t updated it to make some changes which were in place for this year specifically. The ‘Apply Now’ button still says they may ask to see some people in person if they are able to. I’m as keen as anyone to know but I think
  2. I don’t know how you guys are managing it - I keep wondering if you’ve all heard yet and I don’t even have a kid in the mix (I just see myself here in two years time 😂) We were ‘only’ waiting for SI results and now JA results too for DS (child number 2) and that is stressful enough. I hope you all hear soon and can move on one way or the other - best of luck to them all!
  3. I think it just depends on the centre - at my DD’s centre there was (pre-COVID) only one mixed class, girls and boys and years 4/5/6 all in together. As above they did some exercises differently depending on what stage they were at. It’s all been a bit different since the class was split for SD reasons but generally it’s been mixed.
  4. Wait list here, which DD is absolutely delighted with as we weren’t sure for a while whether she was even going to be eligible to apply age wise (she would have turned 10 while at the august course). Plenty of time for her in the years to come so I’m pleased she’s taken it so well. Well done to everyone who has a place (and well done to them all for going for it!) Now to start the long wait for JA results for Child no 2!
  5. @Balletbuds80 I would guess - and it’s a total guess - that all year groups will hear at the same time this year?
  6. I’m not clear on how it will work this year - last year they based the whole decision on the videos I believe but this year it says the ‘preliminary audition’ is by video and I’m sure I read somewhere that depending on restrictions etc that might be it or they might see some candidates in person. I can’t now see where I read that though. In the past (pre-COVID) the results came out by centre in the order that they had held their auditions (and it was a long wait if you’d been in the first few auditions!)
  7. Thanks for sharing @PurplePirouette- much appreciated 🙂
  8. I’m doing the form tonight - did anyone get an answer as to what to do with the headshot?
  9. Oh my gosh is anyone else traumatised by this whole process already?! 😂 I don’t envy those of you doing this for the second time! To be fair the filming itself was fine - it was rearranging the whole living room to have space to do it and also taking the various pictures.. usually our teacher would do that and send me the best ones - now I have 100s of DS standing at various angles to wade through!
  10. At my DD’s centre, new students have joined in y6 both this year and (I think) the year before - there have also been new y4 and y5 each year - so there are definitely potential spaces at all ages.
  11. I totally understand the reluctance to try again this year after going through the process on video etc last time around - though as others have said I do think it’s worth it as there are so many kids who’ve got a yes after a previous no for whatever reason. I think with the in-person auditions it was very easy to make the whole the thing into a fun adventure - when DD tried out we had a lovely overnight in London, fun meal out, the whole ‘it’s a chance to dance at Covent Garden!’ big adventure etc and no matter what the outcome that was worth the time and expense (and stress, on my
  12. Newcastle for us and DS is doing the insight lesson tomorrow 🙂
  13. Thanks - I didn’t follow the thread last year but did feel sorry for those missing out on the various audition ‘experiences’. Now I find we’re in the same situation when I had previously (naively) assumed things would be back to something closer to normal for 2021 entry. For what it’s worth to anyone else keen to apply, we’ve been pretty impressed by the RBS response to Covid from a current JA perspective - lots of communication, zoom classes working very well (with the pianist still, which is lovely), teacher really engaged and approachable, a helpful feedback call (as usual) and a
  14. Sorry if I’m misunderstanding but presumably there was a risk last year that some children would practise before hand anyway? Even if the videos were emailed out rather than made publicly available? I doubt it matters anyway as they know what they’re looking for... I certainly won’t show it to DS beforehand - not least because I know if I did there’s a big chance he’d look like he knew what was coming next! I can imagine what will be in it as we’ve been through the audition process before and I know now that he will do well with some aspects of it but not others - and th
  15. Thanks for starting the thread! Can’t actually believe we are back at this stage already but my second child is now keen to apply to JA’s... It’s a rollercoaster for sure and I’ve just noticed, as you say, that it’s a video entry this time around - that’s new to us but I can imagine it’s a thought doing it all again if you already had to film for last year.
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