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  1. Hi all 🙂 Good info here already - thanks! We haven’t officially accepted the place yet (as we are in discussions about what centre DD will go to) so I haven’t got the info pack through. Can I just check - does it specify leather ballet shoes for girls? DD has only ever had satin so may need to find a new style that fit well in leather if so (her feet are incredibly narrow so shoes can be tricky to find!)
  2. Well 45 pages later and over two months since I started this thread... we have a yes! Second choice centre but it’s totally fine and actually that centre is closer to us so it probably works out better to be honest. A huge well done to everyone - how amazing of them all to throw themselves in to these things and go for it. Hope those with a Not Yet bounce back quickly - I’m sure they will.
  3. Aw I’m sorry to hear that - I hope she’s ok x
  4. Surely they can’t leave only London day 4 until Monday?!
  5. It’s been up to about 6pm I think on previous days
  6. This is getting hard work now isn’t it?! Hopefully it will be over soon for both of us 🤞🏻
  7. Incidentally my DD was the second last number in the last group of the last day of London auditions. So when I (eventually...) get an email then you can rest assured someone’s turning on their out of office and running out the door thinking thank goodness that’s all done for another year 😂
  8. Well done to the yesses and commiserations to the not yets - are these ones today all London 1 so far? Do people think they will make it to London 4 or is that just unrealistic? Am hopefull they will want it all off their desks before the weekend...!
  9. No kind of the opposite - it’s like @Loueeze described. Most of us had never seen or heard of it before either 😂
  10. Ok this is me into slightly obsessive territory here but please forgive me, it's a long wait for London Day 4 Group 4...! 😂 In the reverse frog thing - when the lie on their tummies with knees together and let their feet hang out to the sides - how far ideally should their legs be coming down - does anyone know?! DD can lie on her back with her legs falling out to the side and her knees are pretty much on the floor, she can also lie on her tummy with her legs splayed out like a frog and keep her body all flat and on the floor, but i just don't quite get the reverse frog thing. Should their feet be hanging down at a certain angle? Sorry - I premise I really am quite normal and chilled out in real life...
  11. We are waiting for the last London group... patiently patiently... 😉 In terms of the number of sessions @ExBallerina I think it's largely down to personal preference, if DD is lucky enough to get a place we will be travelling v far and we wouldn't want to do it every week. She also would be missing a whole day of normal Saturday classes at her own dance school so we definitely wouldn't want to do that (so have requested 24 sessions only). I have however read on here before that someone had asked for 24 sessions and was offered 32 as their DS had started late and RBS felt he needed to do more to catch up and get his strength up I believe.
  12. Nice idea @Spamcat 🙂 Son or Daughter? Daughter Birthday? August Year applied for? 4 Auditioned in? London (Group 4, 31 May) For a place in? London Second choice? Newcastle Applied before? No Any other centres? Only tried for RBS - Elmhurst locations are too hard to get to for us. Any other info? We’d be travelling v far to get to JA’s so to be honest it will be a mixed blessing if she gets in. We’re in Scotland so if it’s No this year then DD will maybe try for Dundee next year when she is old enough (the age limits are slightly different for Dundee)
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