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  1. Yes sorry it can be transported. Where are you based. Debs x
  2. Hiya yes. You can have it either permanent or non permanent so you can lay it then move it as and when necessary. My daughter is over the moon with it. It is the same as her dance studio at her dance school so she’s very happy! Debs xx
  3. Hi it can be placed on any type of flooring. I have put it down on floor tiles. If you look at the harlequin flooring website it will tell you more. Hope this helps. Many thanks Debs x
  4. Black dance flooring. New 2m x 2m 60.00 should be 38.00m but I ordered to much! Perfect for ballet and pointe work. Turn your spare space into a studio for your budding dancer.
  5. Just received Elmhurst summer school email. It’s a yes! So happy!
  6. Is it worth ringing to ask when the results are coming out?
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