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  1. I think as well as struggling with the medium the classes are delivered through, be that zoom or video, there is also the frustration of lack of space and suitable floor. It's hard to keep up the motivation if you are dancing in a very restricted space on a less than ideal floor, in our case carpet.
  2. That's a bit worrying as my DD did her intermediate by video. We should be getting the results soon so at least the wait will soon be over.
  3. If you shop at Asda and they have a bakery you can ask for fresh yeast there. I know my local Asda does this as I saw someone asking last week. I'm not sure if Sainsbury's does the same.
  4. I was looking at the softfloor but I'm concerned that you had to put another floor over it for turning. Is it not a good turning surface for pirouettes etc?
  5. Was that the professional one or the cheaper version? I've concluded we need to take the plunge and invest in flooring but we have carpet Was that the professional one or the cheaper version? I've concluded we need to take the plunge and invest in flooring but we have carpet over floor boards. I don't want to spend more than I have to but equally want to be sure it will be useable.
  6. We're still waiting as well. DD did Intermediate by video submission so a new experience.
  7. Surely they can furlough the staff like any other business and claim the from the government job retention scheme. If they are going to claim then it doesn't seem at all justifiable to refuse to give a refund. I know things are tough for business right now but it is equally tough for many individuals and families.
  8. There was some advice about cancelled or postponed events here https://www.which.co.uk/news/coronavirus/ if this helps.
  9. We had a local pharmacy saying they had people being abusive when asked to keep a proper distance. Utterly disgusting behaviour which was rightly denounced on our local covid 19 support site. Shopping seems to be calming down about at most supermarkets locally. My main problems is trying to buy for 2 households as my parents are in their 80s and told to self isolate for 12 weeks. I would love to be able to just go to one shop and get everything done once a week but with the shortages and buying limits it isn't possible. Today it took 3 shops to find everything they needed and most
  10. This may sound like a silly question but what size would I need to buy to make it worthwhile for my DD to use?
  11. I'm not that tech savvy myself but I've had a trial run with a random Instagram item and it seems fairly simple. I just hope it goes right on the night and I have enough memory to store the file. It's great to have the option to follow online classes and thanks to everyone who has shared a link.
  12. As it's a bit late at night I had a look to see if it was possible to record an Instagram live stream. Apparently there are programmes to do this so I'm going to try Mobus. It might make it easier to follow if I can get my DD to show me how to cast it to the TV.
  13. Interesting that according to a BBC report on work permits post Brexit that ballet dancers are in short supply in the UK. "A list of shortage occupations would be kept under review by the MAC, the government said. Jobs currently on the MAC's Shortage Occupation List include civil engineers, medical practitioners, nurses, psychologists and classical ballet dancers."
  14. Try entering "poster the name of the ballet and ballet". I did this for Sleeping Beauty and got one possible print. You could also try entering a role or dancer's name.
  15. I would definitely recommend the school. They have students at associate schemes and who have gone on to vocational training. My DD does ballet and contemporary there. The teachers are lovely and we have found them to be very supportive.
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