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  1. downloadballet.com have a lot of variations that you can download for free
  2. For Sale: Capezio Freebird Tote Dance Bag Used a couple of times, but in excellent condition — no signs of wear, seams are intact, etc. Selling for £25 + postage PRODUCT DETAILS (from capezio website) Two-toned canvas bag Features a 6 pocket wall organiser for all the small important things Features a padded technology pocket on the opposite wall Features a flat pocket Exterior top zip pocket for easy access and secure storage of phone or wallet Two adjustable straps on front of bag holds a yoga mat securely in the place Large stretch mesh pocket on outside with elastic toggl
  3. Ah ok! I didn't realise that - for some silly reason I just presumed the photos were taken by someone else. Thanks Janet
  4. Most of these items are still available, if there are any new students starting at BTUK who want a few spare uniform items...
  5. I haven't brought many pairs of soft blocks (as I if I do have to wear them, I will often use an old pair of pointe shoes), but I do know that sometimes you don't have as much choice in terms of width as with normal pointe shoes, so you can even buy a pair of new pointe shoes to use as soft blocks. Once I went to Freed in London to get fitted for soft blocks, and they actually fitted me in a pair of pointe shoes and converted them into soft blocks for me in the shop (as in they took the thick inside sole out — I still bashed the box when I got home so they were a bit softer, as I don't like ha
  6. I did it in 2014, and most of the teachers were absolutely phenomenal, (but the groups below me didn't necessarily get the best teachers, and the group above me got more variety in teachers). The gala evenings were so amazing, and just getting to be in the same performance as other principal dancers was incredible.The director was quite mean to a few students on numerous occasions though.
  7. I find the 'Bloch Foot Thong III' lasts me a long time, and I find they stay on my feet (whereas I had to keep adjusting the capezio ones I had so that they actually stayed on my feet), if that helps at all…
  8. How much are the remaining wear moi leotards in XS and S please?
  9. I have had different teacher's (who teach different styles) tell me different things, and I think you just have to find the method that works for you, unless you are studying a particular syllabus which specifies a rise or a releve.
  10. The costumes do vary a lot depending on the company — I saw a company perform swan lake the other day, and they wore dresses quite similar to your DD's costume…maybe you could see if you can find any videos of students performing that variation at Alana Haines in previous years (I presume that is the competition you are referring to)?
  11. Rachel Neville has a Leotard Buying Guide for auditions/audition photos on her website, and a lot of information regarding what to wear for photoshoots
  12. I find that if I use a little bit of St. Ives Apricot Scrub every day it keeps my skin clear — I've tried lots of different things, and that's the only thing that has worked for me.
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