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  1. You are right about the advanced class. I think because they call them Beginner - Improver - Intermediate, in my head that translates as Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced. Apologies for any confusion. I must admit I have found that the intermediate class at NB is good for setting down and maintaining technique - the exercises may not be flashy or overly complex but they certainly allow for you to focus on technique. I know a few post vocational school students (or holiday vocational school students) who have attended and haven't found it worthless. Yes - there's no pointe, but the
  2. I'd second both Northern Ballet - sounds like the advanced class would best meet your DD's needs, and KNT where Karen is fab. There is also Dance Studio Leeds just outside Leeds City Centre (it's walkable but a stiff walk and probably not one I'd do alone after dark) and Yorkshire Dance (near Northern Ballet) - although I don't think YD have ballet on any more due to the proximity to Northern. Their lyrical and contemporary classes are nice though.
  3. Smile! If you love to dance, show it. I've always been told to show your love of dance in exams. It is however worth thinking of the style of the dance. I'm not sure if it's RAD Grade 5 you're doing, but assuming so - the tarantella for example is a joyous dance, so it would be utterly appropriate to grin. The adage on the other hand is more delicate, so I'd settle for a serene but not wildly enthusiastic facial expression. Does that make sense at all?
  4. Deborah Coultish School in Alwoodley (about 15 minutes outside Leeds/from NSCD) has an adult ballet class on a Monday night where Advanced 2 is taught. It's a bit of a mix of abilities but at least 2 students seriously setting themselves up for Advanced 2. It's split with the flat work taught from 7.30 - 8.45 and then pointework from 8.45 - 9.15ish. Deborah is fab, and very experienced.
  5. This might sound crackers, but my multiple pirouettes really significantly improved after I took a heel work class - it turns out that by wearing heels (not even particularly big ones - 2' - 3' would do) I could get my weight into the right place, and turn far better. Could your DD try ballet pirouettes in heels, as bonkers as that sounds? After a few weeks of turning triples in heels, I was able to work out where my weight needed to be and translate that back into flat ballet shoes.
  6. I know two Rambert graduates - one is dancing with Phoenix Dance in Leeds and the other with National Dance Company of Wales. I know one Laine graduate - she is working in Dubai as a teacher (I think for the RAD) - but she graduated some years back. Both are great options!
  7. I think it can mean something to the individual person, but it's hard to generalise what that meaning is. For example, the majority of people at my dance school wear the classic pale pink ballet tights - I imagine because that is what you come up the grades wearing, so you have plenty of pairs and feel comfortable. My friend and I were discussing recently that we'd switched to black tights upon becoming pregnant - because as the body 'swells' we were less self confident. However, amongst the intermediate foundation and intermediate lot (age 11/12/13 so neither 'swollen' of body no
  8. I sadly can't go to this one but have been before and would echo how fab they are! I did Romeo and Juliet with Jane Tucker, which was a lot of fun and definitely a good day to improve technique. Plus, everyone at KNT, without exception, is absolutely lovely!
  9. It's in one of the allegros in Advanced 1 (I forget which one) - so that might help the case for it not being a baby step!
  10. I'm well past university myself, but your post cheered me so much! I am a Warwick Alum and loved the Classic and Modern dance society (I taught the intermediate ballet class in my day!). They were a lovely, caring bunch with some really talented dancers - the advanced ballet was on par with the advanced class I have been to a Northern Ballet, as an idea of standard. I also spent a lot of time with the Warwick Devils cheerleaders, who have a stunt team, but also always had a strong jazz team too which repeatedly won competitions. You can easily clock up the hours of dance. I also ha
  11. Now sold and on its way to be loved by another Balletco member ????
  12. For sale: black Gaynor Minden dancer's backpack! Barely used because I got a new dance bag as a present for Christmas! It has a big compartment for clothes, a net zip compartment on top which is great for drying out shoes, and a front pocket. There is also a sleeve on the back for a laptop. I easily fit in all my dance clothes and warmup clothes, ballet flats, jazz shoes and pointe shoes, plus water bottle and purse, phone, toe tape, etc.
  13. Planet Dance were OK when I used them, but it was for something really basic (tights, perhaps). I have also had problems with Dance Direct not dispatching things and then saying they were out of stock. I used Just Ballet a couple of times recently and I honestly cannot praise them enough. On one order I'd forgotten to specify a size, and a lovely lady rang me a couple of minutes after I placed my order to tell me and help sort out the sizing. The order came the very next day! It's always beautifully packaged too.
  14. I don't have super strong feet (sadly) so I can't comment from experience, but I know when I got fitted for my last pair of Merlets they had some hard shank and polymer (is that the right word? Plastic stuff?) shanked shoes akin to GM. I hated GMs, I twisted horribly in them, but love Merlets, so they might be worth a look.
  15. MANCHESTER KNT Danceworks at the Northern Ballet School studios in the Dancehouse on Oxford Road has classes every day except Sunday. They offer ballet most days. There are three levels: beginner, mixed (or intermediate) and advanced. All the classes are taught by amazing teachers, and it's adults only (there is a separate KNT Kids school but the two don't mix at all). The main point of contact/owner is Karen Sant, and she is a wonderful teacher and dancer. They also have contemporary (beginners and advanced), jazz (beginners and advanced) and tap (beginners and advanced). The classes all hav
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