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  1. Hi, My project requires some more shoes,if anybody is able to donate a pair or two? I'm finding it easier to work with those that are already 3/4 shanked as I can adjust the shank until it's a 1/4 or lengthen it again.De-shanked are also very useful (Demi-pointe as well) If anybody wants a big update on the project simply message me and I can enlighten you !
  2. The way forward is selling one.2 posts down from yours.
  3. Try planet dance in Batley on the very rare occasion they have Gambas in but always a random size and model
  4. X is a medium width in Bloch and can also be shown as a letter B or Y on the sole
  5. I'm looking for pretty much anybody,who wants to help to trial them.So long as they're in England or Scotland.As postage to Ireland is a bit too expensive
  6. What do you look for in a perfect poimte shoe??? As I mentioned in my previous post I'm working on creating a point shoe that is a mix between Gaynor minden ,Freed and Bloch! Long lasting like GM's,pain free,the asthetics of Bloch and being a little like freed and having them form to your arch as well as hopefully prevent as many stress fractures from occurring if your prone to these (feel free to read my older posts to understand a little better) anyhow I require 2 things of you in this post. Firstly -your opinions on what your perfect poimte shoe is(feel free to list exact specifications) Secondly-I hope in 18 months they will be ready to trial in the UK(I'm so sorry but I need to exclude Ireland for the first part of the experiment.Don't be sad though as you will be much needed a little later on As such if anybody would like to trial these shoes.Leave a message below with the following- Your street shoe size & if you know if your foot length in either inches or centimetres,your foot length do mentions it and which foot is which length of it is a significant difference eg more than 2mm as this would fall into the custom made section- If you need it custom made- If so the specifications- Foot width - We're going basic N is narrow M is medium W is wide) If you would need extra narrow or extra wide it falls into the custom made section. If you need any special considerations made for your feet eg,calluses,blister prone feet,high instep and I will cater to my best ability to your needs These trials are of no cost to you whatsoever,you can also alternatively send me a private message with this information or ask any other questions , Thank you so much guys ????????????????????
  7. That's fine.Anything is basically useful even if they're dying on the toe box as I only need the shoe, to experiment with different shanks and take a few different shoes apart and figure out what the shanks are made of and try to make a mixture of all 3 types of shoe mentioned to create the ideal pointe shoe for everybody or at least a shank for everybody particularly to get it so even beginners at pointe work can wear them without worrying about loosing foot strength as some do with gaynor mindens.It is the. A task of having the same effectiveness with different widths and lengths of the shoe which is likely going to be the tricky part so it's lovely that everybody is chipping in and helping me out as much as they can and even inboxing me to tell me their opinions on the perfect shoe.Thank you all so much I forgot to mention earlier for those curious.You are also welcome to donate Demi-pointe shoes that you no longer need/want as they don't have a shank but have a slight toe box so are still useful ????
  8. I am going to make a blog for the project soon and will add a link for those that are interested????
  9. That's fine.You can find the progress on detail on this page.As soon as I start it I will add a link ☺
  10. Oh my gosh????I am a dancer at the Northern Ballet.Were you talking to Karen last month?I know somebody called Michelle was & thought maybe it was you?
  11. Hi,I'm in the UK and doing fine art & business at night classes at my local college I would like to request that if you have any dead pointe shoes (England & Scotland only please) You could consider sending them to me rather than throwing them away. My project is to consider the perfect pointe shoe for dancers I would prefer dead pointe shoes as I am ripping the shank out (shank less or de-shanked or also therefore welcome) then I will be reconstructing my own version of a shank before placing it in the shoe. If you would like to know anything else do feel free to ask and I will keep the page updated on every step I am also looking for opinions,my plan and sketches etc all correspond to a cross between a gaynor minden,Bloch and a Freed pointe shoe in that you have to work hard In the shoes as with traditional,they shape perfectly to your arch and they last a long time as well as being as pain free as possible for all dancers Thank you so much for all of your help in advance !!! ((just trying to bump up the post to the top of the lost))
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