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  1. Ballet Boost, in various places and Northern Ballet in Leeds are both associate schemes that DS does.
  2. Hello! We're about are you in NY? My son attends a school in Anlaby, near Hull and there are boys ballet and contemporary classes. Also Moorland Ballet are doing Jack's day of dance for boys in 27th July.
  3. DS will be doing York, 11 rehearsal days, 2 stage rehearsals and 3 performances. Mostly during the summer holidays and Saturday and Sunday rehearsals in September. Plus performances Friday and Saturday. He does 2 associates and if the timings stay the same should miss 1 from each! If it had been term time it wouldn't have been possible, I don't think!
  4. Oh and some months it's twice, some once and this month it's three! The dates for Hull are on BBA website.
  5. We got the fees with the email offering him a place and that only a few days after the audition.
  6. My DS is at Hull, the teachers are both excellent. They've just added a contemporary class as they've only been in Hull this year. It's well run and DS is enjoying it. It's usually on the same dates as London and I think Emma teaches there. She is in Hull for the auditions and assessments this weekend.
  7. We got the email for acceptance for 2019/2020 associates this morning, so there will probably be some movement soon.
  8. Some children do both, have seen a few RB tracksuits at Northern! Some do Northern Scholars and Northern, some like my DS do Ballet Boost and Northern! It can be a juggling act if they're on the same day, but as your daughter's teacher have said it's a good experience. Good luck!!
  9. DS's senior school have been really good. Let him leave early on a Friday for NBT, exams fine. Rugby he doesn't do, and it's a very sporty school also. A chat with the school and a follow up letter explaining why. His head of PE is very supportive , always asks how he's getting on and calls him Billy (Elliott)! It was primary that we had the major problems with!!!
  10. Ballet Boost Hull's closing date is 14th June and Auditions are on 22nd June. DS is really enjoying the classes there. Good luck if you apply!
  11. Northern school of contemporary dance in Leeds have a CAT scheme http://www.nscd.ac.uk/
  12. DS is a northern ballet associate, is assessed in February and we get a report with offer of another year or re assessment in May. Also get a small written note at the end of the year.
  13. Good luck for the auditions! DS goes into his 5th and final year in the associate's in September and he loves it there. The training and studios are first class.
  14. Old Street is the nearest tube to that Premier Inn. We looked at Kngs cross premier Inn that was nearly £200 more for the same week! From what I remember it was the nearest.
  15. We stayed at the Premier Inn London City Old Street, about half an hour walk from Central. Reasonably priced, on the Northern Line and the air con was brilliant in the heatwave!
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