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  1. Donated with a massive thank you, you've all helped from DS being a 10 year old associate (with a mum who didn't have a clue!) to him getting a place at Upper School.
  2. My DS auditioned for RCS this year. He was offered a place, he loved the audition and the studio's but has chosen to go to his first choice of Central. I read on here that there are only around 17 places offered but it is possible to get in. Hope this helps and good luck if he decides to audition.
  3. My DS has had Ballet Boost and home dance school lessons via zoom. He's really enjoyed them, particularly the interaction. He also did two videoed final auditions for 16+ ballet schools and got offers for both. He said they were easier than the first auditions as he had less nerves!
  4. Yes, thanks I'd looked at those. IQ got back to me today to say that they don't take under 18's in any of their properties.
  5. Hello, DS has a place at Central . I'm looking at Liberty House (Walmsley house) as one of the options. He would be looking to share (to get the price down a bit!) Do we need to find a flatmate ourselves? Also does anyone know of any Homestay websites or where I can look?!! And the last thing the prices at IQ Paris Gardens (for a shared twin room is the price per person or room?.
  6. Ds also got the offer today. Good luck to everyone waiting!
  7. Video submissions had to be in by 13th April according to DS's email.
  8. That's tomorrow's job. I've had a quick look...😱
  9. Yes for my DS, one happy boy as it was his first choice. Good luck everyone x
  10. Offers going out today according to their Facebook page!
  11. On the email DS got it, with all the information about the digital audition on, it said on or before the 20th April they would receive the results. I wonder how many videos they've got to go through ?!!
  12. Leeds preliminary audition results are out. A yes for finals for DS, good luck everyone!
  13. DS said it would be 1 to 2 weeks for results from Sunday. I presumed it might be because Central are on half term?
  14. Ballet Boost, in various places and Northern Ballet in Leeds are both associate schemes that DS does.
  15. Hello! We're about are you in NY? My son attends a school in Anlaby, near Hull and there are boys ballet and contemporary classes. Also Moorland Ballet are doing Jack's day of dance for boys in 27th July.
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