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  1. IQ is wonderfully situated but quite expensive. DS wants to have a short commute, preferably on shanks pony to save money so unless IQ do something amazing we will be booking liberty house st John street. Thank you very much for your input. I guess a lot of them will be spending time in each others places anyway!!
  2. Liberty house at St John street. We didn't look at Sebastian st. DS hated liberty plaza and IQ I think will be too expensive. Rooms were larger at LHSt John. Very quiet road too even though it was peak time when we visited. Staff lovely. I think there are some other students going to LHSt John. Please can parents let me know what they decide?
  3. Hi. My ds has got into central and is looking for accommodation. Looked at liberty plaza and liberty house and he would like to share a room with someone in liberty house. Nice place and convenient. Is anyone looking and also alternatively does anyone want a lodger! He's clean and polite! Advice please. Thank you
  4. Yes we did! DC goes there in September. Very proud.
  5. Does anyone know when Central results come out please?
  6. Ticket exchange and offera

  7. Good luck to all of you. Do remember though, this is only the first "waiting game" of many if you are successful. It's really good training for the ups and downs of vocational school - so go out tomorrow morning and have a coffee with a friend - and try not to rugby tackle the postie if you see him - it's not his fault! Also, do remind your dc's that even to be in a final is a major achievement as if you count up the number of dc's in all of the major 4 school finals - there aren't many!!!
  8. Take the place! My DS is so happy there. True, decisions don't always go your way but your DD will receive an excellent education and a broad, balanced training in forms of dance that will make them employable young people. My DS recently didn't have a successful audition for a production because he wasn't the right size. Yes, he was upset at the time but when he came home at Easter he told me he was enjoying getting some 1:1 time with his dance teachers as he was now the only boy left in the class! Knocks come but they bounce back and opportunities such as the one you have been given come along rarely - embrace it and enjoy - we'll see you there?
  9. Let him try it! My DS started due to watching my daughter. 6 months later she gave up due to a broken ankle, he carried on. Now at Tring and getting a wonderful education as well as following his passion. If he hates it next month nothing lost, but then he might be the Carlos Acosta.............
  10. My DS has outgrown his blazer and it is still in VGC as they are not worn daily. We bought it for Yr 7 but I can't find out whether it is a 24 or 26 chest - measuring doesn't help either! It would suit a small/slim Year 7.
  11. I wish I had known about the Forum when we started on our journey a few years ago, the level of support is wonderful. the emotional roller coaster is shattering!
  12. Do not give up hope jennyboydance. I have a ds at a vocational school and he is unfunded but we manage (ish) with local bursarys, being broke, a kind godmother and doing without. DS was in a similar situation with no peers and had never danced with other boys until JA's. He still hasn't got funding due to bodyshape (not going to go into details). He has had to get used to the brutality but they are tough these DC's and are to be admired, as are you with the level of support you have given your DS so far. Good luck and best wishes to you both and I hope you try again.
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