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  1. Accomodation/rent room

    Hi Sabrina, have you tried AirBnB? x
  2. British training at Lower and Upper Schools

    Just out of curiosity, what happens to all those who went to WL and didn't make it to the US? Aside from the obvious like trying for Central etc, has anyone heard of children who gave up ballet vocationally and who went on to be successful somewhere else (ballet related or not)? My DD (9) said that in case she doesn't succeed in ballet when she's older, she would be interested in designing ballet wear, so ballet will always be in her life Would be lovely to hear from others who went on an alternative path.
  3. British training at Lower and Upper Schools

    Morning everyone! This makes for a very interesting read! This is a bit off-topic but has anyone heard of WL offering places to day pupils, or is it boarding only? TIA! xx
  4. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Hi Aklf - oh I adore your bracelets! I bought one from you at last year's RBS Summer Fair and I'm still wearing it Good luck everyone!!
  5. Tring Park Associates

    That helps a lot, thank you Anna C! Might you know whether any children from the TPA classes end up being successful for entry into the Junior Dance Course? I'm guessing the likelihood is much higher with CBAs.
  6. Tring Park Associates

    Hi everyone! My DD is auditioning for Tring Dance Associates this weekend and I was curious whether there is any difference between this and the CBA Associates? I know that for dance you may have the options of choosing tap, jazz, modern as well as classical. However if we just choose classical is that the same as CBA? Thanks!
  7. EYB Coppélia Rickmansworth

    Thank you WineLake
  8. English Youth Ballet 2017-18

    Thank you!! Hi JayJay! Just saw this, so glad you made it! We will definitely come to watch your DS in Swan Lake. Can't wait!
  9. EYB Coppélia Rickmansworth

    Hi! Well that was so lovely. Hope everyone managed to get some downtime on Sunday. My little one got to zombie out in front of the telly all day. She's still tired and didn't want to go back to school already. It was a pleasure meeting all the lovely dancers and their mums their too! How bad is the resolution on DVD? I was just here filling out the form to order it...
  10. English Youth Ballet 2017-18

    Oh of course, it was today! (Facepalm). I’ve frozen outside and already feel like it was yesterday. Congrats Motomum!
  11. English Youth Ballet 2017-18

    Hi everyone! So this is where all the ballet mums hang out My daughter is in EYB Rickmansworth this weekend, depending on how the snow settles, I hope I can brave it there tomorrow. So so happy as well to hear that my daughter’s friend got into Swan Lake in Wimbledon after yesterday’s auditions. Anyway, it’s my first post so will stop rambling. Bye for now!