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  1. AdageKitty

    Variety of leotards for sale

    Hi! Might you have the black lace Capezio pull on skirt still available? What size is it please and might you be able to send a pic please? Thanks!
  2. I have one in pink since when my DD started primary ballet and it still looks good on her! Now after a black one...
  3. AdageKitty

    EYB Swan Lake Wimbledon 2018

    We've got tickets! Coming to see JayJay's DS xx
  4. AdageKitty

    English Youth Ballet 2017-18

    When my DD did Coppelia earlier this year, the first hour always consisted of warm up ballet exercises so if you struggle to get time off from school, they're really understanding about it at the EYB (I also overheard that it is for this reason that they allocate the first hour for warm ups). It's then followed by the actual casting/rehearsals. So I wouldn't worry
  5. AdageKitty

    Feet supination

    Many thanks for your replies. Managed to get an appointment and a referral yesterday evening so hopefully we'll get this sorted.
  6. AdageKitty

    Dance physiotherapist for evaluation

    Hi! Does anyone have an idea on how much an assessment like this would approximately cost?
  7. AdageKitty

    Feet supination

    Hi everyone! Annoyingly my employer seems to have blocked this forum from our internet connection claiming that it’s not secure so having to type this through my phone. I’ve recently discovered that that my DD’s school shoes are heavily worn to one side on both her feet caused by rolling of the ankles. A quick Google search calls it supination (where the feet turn sideways outward to the side when walking/running/standing). Her ballet teacher has said that they didn’t notice any massive rolling of the feet in class, but looking at her shoes, it’s really bad so I suspect that she’s doing it outside of class. There’s quite a bit of stuff online about it, including use of insoles etc. However I’m inclined to see a specialist about this and wonder if this will impede on her progress in ballet (she’s 9). I’ve recently read something about the NIDMS, is that where is best for DD to be referred to? Or can anyone recommend a good orthotics specialist that can be done through tha NHS or doesn’t cost a fortune? There is an interesting blog I found called the ballet blog where someone asked the question “should dancers use orthotics?” however as this is all new to me, I’m not sure what to do. Any advice would be most appreciated!
  8. AdageKitty

    Help with hair please!

    Very clever!! Thank you
  9. AdageKitty

    Elmhurst young dancers audition

    Just heard from a ballet mum friend that her DD got a yes for Year 5 at Elmhurst but will likely have to turn it down as it's quite a distance for them... x
  10. AdageKitty

    Upper body stiff

    Try contemporary dance classes perhaps? My DD loves it!
  11. AdageKitty

    JA Auditions

    My DD's ballet teacher said that she won't get into JA's simply because of her feet, that they're not well arched. She recommends a foot stretcher (I know, I'm VERY cautious with this idea!). However I just read that at the audition they will be looking at their feet so do you think that the teacher made a valid point? Haven't heard from them yet, hoping that they'll let us know the dates/times by the end of this week (just a guess!).
  12. AdageKitty

    Help with hair please!

    You all are GEMS - thank you so so much for all tips!!!
  13. AdageKitty

    Help with hair please!

    Will have to work on that, many thanks for the suggestion!!
  14. AdageKitty

    Help with hair please!

    Thanks Pictures! DD's ballet teacher always comments when I come to pick her up so I don't think she would do it herself...
  15. AdageKitty

    Help with hair please!

    Hi everyone! Apologies if there's been discussion about this before but I have a couple of questions about hair please! My daughter does ballet after school several times a week (our childminder who doesn't know how to do hair drops her off), and when we have time in the mornings I usually do her hair bun. Sometimes this lasts until the evening, at other times it doesn't (when for example they've had to change for P.E. at school etc). This term they'll be starting swimming at school so there will be no chance that her hair will stay neatly in a bun after taking off the swimming cap. Luckily, her ballet teacher isn't too strict with regards to hair (unless it's for shows/exams). However she does insist on having the hair up in some sort of bun for health and safety reasons if their hair is really long to avoid injury to other children when they're doing turns/pirouettes. Might anyone have any suggestions on an easy way for a 9-year-old to do their own hair up? I feel a bit embarassed about having my DD keep asking other mums to kindly keep doing her hair. Separately, I also wanted to ask what everyone uses to keep the hair nice and neat without overloading with hairgel and hairspray products when their child does ballet several times a week. I found that when I use most gels and hairsprays, it flakes and looks awful when it's time to let the hair down afterwards so I have to wash her hair each time. Also wary of using too much product with nasty chemicals. Does anyone know of a good natural hair styling product? Thanks so much in advance!! xx