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  1. Richard LH


    I'm assuming it's Martin Harvey....
  2. Richard LH

    Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    Encouraged by the advice here, and by the belated realisation that Blu-Ray players are backwards compatible with DVDs, I have just bought one. I haven't actually got a Blu-Ray disc to try out on it yet, but in the meantime it's pleasing to see that the new player somewhat improves the playback quality of the DVDs.
  3. Richard LH

    The Unknown Soldier

    ROH Customer Services have kindly given me a little more detail: "The event will include two live rehearsals with dancers of the Royal Ballet and there will be an interview with Alastair and his creative team which will explore his reasons and vision for creating it and what he's trying to achieve in the work. Unfortunately we aren't able to confirm any of the dancers yet as the ballet company are still away. We'll only know more in the week or two before the event".
  4. Richard LH

    The Unknown Soldier

    Thank you, that was what I was hoping for. Should be good.
  5. I was rather taken with the picture the ROH are now using to advertise this new work.. The related Insight event on Sept. 27 will be my first ballet outing for the 18/19 season. Having not been to an Insight before, I am not sure quite what to expect, and the ROH blurb doesn't make it particularly clear. Still about 6 weeks to wait !
  6. Richard LH


    Akane understand it either.
  7. Here are links to highlights (all too brief) from the two "International" performances held on 03 and 04 August. These include (03 August) Francesca Hayward and Marcelino Sambe dancing from "The Dream", and from "Romeo & Juliet" (in the latter case, stepping in for an injured Misty Copeland and Herman Cornejo) and (04 August) Francesca Hayward and Marcelino Sambe dancing from "Chroma". Although the artists were advertised as "dancers from around the world", as far as I can make out Frankie and Marcelino were the only non-USA representatives.
  8. Richard LH

    Choral Ballets

    I certainly am! Thank you everyone. Indeed I can add the choral music in The Dream to my experience now, having just watched the newly released Ashton triple bill DVD. Lovely!
  9. Richard LH

    Sharing Our Passion

    The cinema is what got me back into ballet and thence to live performances....🙂
  10. Richard LH

    Choral Ballets

    Well music sung by a choir, I suppose, but perhaps my query should also extend to solo singing, or by several individuals.
  11. Having an idle thought - is it just my lack of knowledge, or are there hardly any ballets set to choral music? Beyond the Waltz of the Snowflakes in the Nutcracker, Bernstein's Chichester Psalms in Yugen, and Mozart's Requiem by the Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg, I am struggling..... Why is this, I am wondering....?
  12. Richard LH

    Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    Thanks, yes they seem to have a good range available - an advanced search of ballet/DVD lists 343 titles; many titles look higher priced, normally, than other sources, but there are currently about 65 on special offer....annoyingly including quite a few I got already, quite recently, including the Ashton one. But I will browse through to see if I can spend some more ballet funds....(£50 or more means no delivery cost).
  13. Sorry Lin for my typo...I'm too late to edit my last post.
  14. I'm not sure what you class as a bunch, Alison! For 2018/19 the live screenings are: Mayerling: McRae, Lamb 15/10/18 La Bayadere: Nunez, Muntagirov 13/11/18 Nutcracker: Nunez, Muntagirov 03/12/18 Don Quixote: Takada, McRae 19/02/19 TBA - Triple bill 16/05/19 TBA - Romeo and Juliet 11/06/19