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  1. Richard LH

    Dance on terrestrial TV

    Have just caught up with this , and was about to post about it! Yes he has amazing tap skills, and I believe he is a pretty accomplished ballet dancer as well! This was the first in a series of fascinating documentaries about the history of music and dance in films.
  2. Very pleased for William Bracewell - he is getting some well deserved slots. Looking forward to seeing him on Friday 21, with Kaneko as the SPF.
  3. ..... for Winter Dreams Good day attending a very entertaining Backstage Tour (our guide was particularly humorous) - we saw Nunez being coached for Winter Dreams by Darcey Bussell, and Soares by another gentleman, whilst Akane Takada and Sarah Lamb, amongst others, passed right by us in the viewing room. They are as delightful up close as seen from afar! We also saw Laura Morera in the street. I am feeling rather like a groupie now...
  4. Richard LH

    Sleeping Beauty Dreams

    Your link doesn't seem to be working.
  5. No thanks! So much better these days to be able to view in high quality, and to record, or watch later online, programmes we can't see when broadcast. I really don't think nostalgia is what it used to be....😄
  6. Techno geeks may correct me, but I am thinking that for many of us it means any live TV viewing or recording of the TV transmission, on Christmas Day, won't be in HD due to the local transmitter not providing Freeview channel 106 (only channel 9); although presumably the programme will be in HD on the iPlayer for up to 30 days afterwards. After that, we will have to wait for the Blu-Ray to come out for HD viewing.
  7. But it now seems BBC4 is the honoured channel ... 19:00 on Christmas Day https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0001qzc
  8. It was Cuthbertson/Bonelli, Hayward/Campbell, with Choe as the Rose Fairy. I would recommend the DVD or preferably the Blu-Ray - it's a lovely production that deserves multiple viewings!
  9. I also love the RB's version with the interactions between Drosselmeyer, Clara and Hans-P/Nutcracker taken right through Act 1 and Act 2 - the narrative makes perfect sense to me (well at least as much as any fairytale/ballet does!). The RB version to me is a magical tale of a young girl discovering romance whilst at the same time improving her dancing repertoire and skills, by learning from the best! I haven't seen the BRB version, but so far other versions I have seen, albeit only as recordings, (including the Mariinsky and the San Francisco Ballet) tend to include various characters that rather annoy me, or have poorer sets, choreography and/or plot development. Some of the best bits of the RB version for me....Clara already joyfully dancing on pointe for her family as the scrim rises after the street scene....Clara dancing with the rest of the children...Drosselmeyer's magic tricks ...then seemingly conjuring Clara into a dream state..Clara's wonder as the tree emerges.... her grief turned to joy as Hans-P comes to life and they dance their beautiful PDD.....Clara and Hans-P in and out of the snowflake flurries.....the Angels and their seamless gliding motion...the way Clara and Hans-P are welcomed by the SPF and Prince...the divertissements and how Clara and Hans-P join in with them....of course the SPF and Prince sequences...and the recognition at the end between Clara and Hans-P in the street with Clara finding she still has the necklace the SPF gave her (so it wasn't just a dream after all!)
  10. Well you have me there Frank... seeing Miss Francesca Hayward as Clara last year at the cinema, partnered by the wonderful Mr Alexander Campbell, was what brought me back into a love of ballet. I am not really expecting anyone else to enchant me more than those two in this production. Indefinable charisma, as you say. That said, I do think Miss Anna Rose O'Sullivan is a brilliant young dancer who will hopefully have many opportunities to develop her acting skills further.
  11. Well you just did ! I liked Hamilton but I think I prefer the formidable Itziar Mendizabal in this role. I love her startling and intense facial expressions! © Royal Opera House
  12. Wow that sounds like a nice touch. Double curtain calls! Much love for them all in the auditorium as well.....
  13. A fuller cast list for tonight's opening performance is now here: https://www.roh.org.uk/events/whm7y Not complete though, as far as I can see - Rose Fairy, for example?