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  1. Richard LH

    ROH Stall Circle Seat Availabilty

    That's what I thought initially Bluebird, but on the other hand I am wondering how come the seats have been allocated specific prices for each production. Perhaps this is part of the much discussed plan to have some lower priced seats available for later on in the booking process? I hope to find out!
  2. For a while a number of Stalls Circle seats nearest the stage have been unavailable "for acoustic reasons" (A4 to A13, A101 to A111, B6 to15, B98 to B106, C12 to 16 and C97 to C101). However these seats are now showing up, priced, on the Pricing Plan for the general booking for the Winter Season, which opens 31 October, and also for the Spring Season events - see attached example plan (for Romeo and Juliet). So it looks as if these cheaper seats are now coming back into general availability. I have emailed the ROH for confirmation and will report back - unless anyone is in the know already?
  3. The Gruaniad is famous for spelling mistakes, but this goes somewhat further...
  4. ....and you could always get past this by assuming that he was adopted!
  5. It was shut for a while at least - it just looked like some damage was being repaired (confirmed by others whilst I was composing this)..no need to make a big thing of it!
  6. I had only seen Mayerling on the DVD before, which I did not enjoy all that much; experiencing it performed live is something else entirely. There is so much going on, so many characters, so much creative choreography, and dramatic tension. Having previously thought one performance would be enough, I have been drawn in - now looking forward to McRae/Takada/Morera et al. on the 27th .
  7. Last night, at least, there appeared to be very few non-ticket holders in the amphi bar area - we happened to get there early at the first interval and it was almost empty, and only filled up when the rest of the Mayerling crowd piled out. I got the same impression in the ground floor area- there did not seem to be any noticable or objectionable overcrowding caused by non-ticket holders. There are some quirks like the revised door/area nomenclature, and lack of bag checks, and they could add some more of the lovely costumes and more informative displays, but overall I am favourably impressed with the new areas.
  8. I hadn't thought about any offspring from the Rudolf/Stephanie marriage until I noticed Frankie's baby bump during the firework scene. From an early age it seems their beautiful daughter Elisabeth inherited her father's capacity for scandal (and the use of firearms), and had a tremendously eventful life that would probably be a good subject for a dramatic ballet in itself...https://www.historyanswers.co.uk/kings-queens/the-red-archduchess-the-hapsburg-heir-who-murdered-an-actress-defied-the-nazis/
  9. Brilliant performance tonight from Hirano, Osipova, Lamb, Hayward, Campbell, McNally, Nunez....and the rest...what amazing dancers!
  10. I thought that this section was News and Information about particular Ballets and Dance, but perhaps I misunderstood.
  11. I am a bit surprised this topic was moved into "Ballet/Dance News".. I thought it was more General Discussion...anyway...
  12. Check this new range out, for your dance-related active wear! Unsurprisingly she makes it look very good... https://shop.lululemon.com/story/royal-ballet-collection https://www.elle.com/uk/life-and-culture/culture/a23582548/lululemon-have-a-new-dance-collection-and-we-know-youll-like-it/ https://www.standard.co.uk/fashion/top-picks-from-the-lululemon-francesca-hayward-royal-ballet-collab-a3957476.html
  13. Due to cost, the stalls are not likely to be where you would find the majority of younger ballet lovers. Having said that, at various different performances I have seen quite a few people in the stalls who look well below the ripe old age of 50.
  14. By the way, this was not "Hayward on racism in ballet", Saodan - it was Hayward describing her answer to a pretty inane question she had been asked some time ago. ‘One of the first things I was asked when I became a soloist was, “How does it feel to be a mixed-race dancer?” and I was taken aback because it’s something I’ve never thought about,’ .....then continuing as per your quote.
  15. Also from the article quoted earlier Hayward tellingly says: ‘When I was little and watching ballet videos in my living room, all the dancers were white but I never thought, “That’s a white ballerina; I’m not, so I can’t do that.” It worries me that people are putting a label on me and that it will make dancers of colour think, “Is this a problem? Will it be a problem?” If I am an inspiration for little girls I want it to be because race was something I never noticed — and they shouldn’t notice either.’ Obsessing about some kind of "correct" racial mix in ballet, and suggesting it is currently wrong, could actually turn some youngsters away. (sorry I can't seem to get the text all the same size...)