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  1. Haven’t heard back from you. Am at ROH this evening so won’t be able to pick up until late. Can you let me know the situation about the ticket/s ? Sue
  2. I wanted one ticket but could try to find someone else if you really want to sell together but need to hear from you before I asked around.
  3. Thanks for letting me know that, Sim.
  4. I have just tried again and still it says you cannot receive messages. Can you pm me and see if that work instead ? Sue
  5. But am getting response back that you cannot receive messages ?
  6. I would like this ticket. Will pm you.
  7. Am interested in this ticket will message you
  8. suel50

    Giselle Feb 9 and 10

    Both tickets taken
  9. I have one SCS standing ticket for Giselle February 9 and February 10 matinee. I will be at both performances or could post today.
  10. I will take them both unless someone just wants the Francesca Giselle in which case I will take the Naghdi. Either way fine. S
  11. Am looking for one ticket from Nov 1st. Happy with SCS or stalls or dress circle not amphi.