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Has anyone brought the advanced 1/grades video app? It seems that on an Apple Mac you cannot buy the app. However if you go on the RAD website on an Apple Mac it is there to buy and download but only specifies that it is compatible with I phone, iPad and I pad touch? Just a bit confused as didn't want to buy it at £18 and then not to be able to view it and dd hasn't got enough memory on I phone.

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Annaliesey:  It's disappointing to read you are still having difficulties with downloading those RAD videos.  My wife had essentially similar problems over a year ago and we gave up in the end.  However, later last year there was an update to the RAD App and, on trying again, all went well and, in her case, with them safely downloaded to her iPad, they are now in regular use without difficulty.  Why that infuriating 'wifi connection not good enough' message should have reappeared, I really cannot say. 


For what it's worth, there was a thread on this back then:



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Thanks everyone I got a reply today .,.


Rest assured that the problem is not on your side or with your internet, rather our server has not been coping with the huge load of traffic that occurred recently with the upcoming exam period.

Our developer team are currently working to fix the issue as soon as possible, and I will return to you once I can advise you to try downloading again.


Have to say really disappointed if this has been going on for a year :(

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