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RDB's new Swan Lake - insight evening streamed

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The Royal Danish Ballet is preparing a new version of Swan Lake to replace the one made for them by Peter Martins. First night is March 13th, and they will livestream an insight evening on Tuesday 24th February, 18.50 UK time. Watch it here:




They did this with Manon last year and I thought it worked very well. So far it's anyone guess who the cast will be - they've announced six names each for Odette/Odile and Siegfried but in alphabetical order so there's no way of working out the partnerships. (Though hints on various sites and some photographs are providing a few clues.)


The company has also put a mini-site about the preparations on Tumblr:




One interesting thing that's emerging is that although the main production is credited to Nikolaj Hübbe and Silja Schandorff, the choreography for the 4 princesses and their attendants in Act 3 is being done by members of the company - Gregory Dean is doing the Neapolitan section and Oliver Starpov (only in his first year in the company) the Russian bit.

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If you missed this, or if - like me - you saw it and only partly understood it, you can go to the video page now (first link in posting #1) and see the commentary in English (by Gregory Dean I guess) which gives an outline of what was said and reveals some of the ideas behind the new staging.


Also the casting for the first part of the run has just appeared:




No surprise that J'aime Crandall and Alban Lendorf get the first night and also the live cinema broadcast, but some of the other pairings look intriguing - Susanne Grinder and Sebastian Haynes, who'd have imagined that?

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What a wonderful idea to stream an insight evening. Perhaps the Royal Ballet could follow suit. So few people can get tickets and those like myself can't justify a 200 mile trip and overnight stay just for an insight night (though I did make it a couple of times when it was a full day). I found them fascinating and informative and it would be a great follow-up to World Ballet day.

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