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Gaynor Minden Bamboo silk range + warm up gear


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Has anyone tried their silk range, does anyone know how well they wash?


I've been contemplating on ordering their wrap cardigan as well as the long jumper. I can only wear soft or fine knit wool as I have really sensitive skin and the ones I have at the minute are nearing their end. 


What do you guys wear for you classes? What do you DD's and DS's wear to warm up with?

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Hi Charlie chuck

I wear the silk trousers to the shop as my uniform - really comfy and still have my first pair which are about 5yrs old and still going!

Got the long jumper and love it - also have the wrap cardi but find it a little large.

Bamboo crop top and leggings are lovely and soft. At a UK 12 I feel I am too big for the M/L crop top and leggings but I've seen them looking gorgeous on smaller dancers in the shop and one of my dancing friends lived in her crop leggings for LAB Summer Intensive his year :)


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