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Darcey's Ballerina Heroines / A Ballerina's Life [Opus Arte DVD]

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Oh dear, another senior moment!  I have absolutely no recollection of this programme at all so either I missed it or (more likely) it was totally unmemorable.  Can anyone give an opinion of it?



There is a thread which includes some discussion of this film. I can't make the link work so will describe how to find it:- In the Performances Seen Forum go to page 7 (as at today, it may change), the Topic is headed 'BBC Ballet on TV Season March 2014', which is about nine from the bottom of the page. The thread was started 2nd March 2014 and last posted on 30 March 2014.


On another thread I made a brief comment on the other film, the Darcy Bussell programme 'A Ballerina's Life' It is about 30 minutes long. I found it quite an interesting film, very relaxed and natural.


"She sits in front of the camera and talks about her life at the top, tears at ballet school, forgetting the steps and becoming youngest ever principal at RB. The microphone is suspended above her head so she is unable to wave it about. The chat is interspersed with stills and short film clips."

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The link Norman's referring to is this one: http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/6205-bbc-ballet-on-tv-season-march-2014/


Norman, you're not the first person to complain that you're having trouble making links work. You should just be able to copy and paste the URL from the URL field into your post. If that's not the case, do let us know via the Problems section.

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