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Northern Ballet - The Great Gatsby - Autumn 2014

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Just been to see Gatsby matinee today here in my home town of Nottingham. First time I've seen it. Loved the music,costumes and staging. Wish I had read the book or seen a film version first as I really struggled to follow the plot! But superb performances from all the cast, really joyfully wonderful dancing to watch and captured the period to a tee. Glorious way to spend an afternoon!

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I was at the Saturday matinee in Nottingham, which was led by Javier Torres and Dreda Blow.


This production really is a great evocation of the Roaring 20s with its fantastic charleston and tango parties,  The set and costumes are fabulous.


Hiro Takahashi showed just what a fabulous actor he is with his complex interpretation of Tom; there was a real ripple of shock around the auditorium when he got annoyed with Myrtle at the party in their flat and hit her.  Then later his genuine grief at Myrtle's death.  Even though he was having an affair with Myrtle it was obvious he was almost obsessively jealous of Daisy, even when she was with her cousin Nick.


Javier Torres was the brooding presence as Jay Gatsby, invisible at his own parties, always searching for Daisy.  I loved the moment when he met Daisy again at Nick's cottage.  David Nixon choreographs stillness so well and the way Javier and Dreda froze looking at each other was breath-taking.  Dreda was incandescent as Daisy.


This is one party I want to be at!

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The Gatsby party hit Bradford last night!


The enthralled audience was treated to a scintillating performance led by Toby Batley and Martha Leebolt, that sparkled like vintage champagne.  This production has lost none of its allure and continues to be a party I want to be at.


All the leads (Toby, Martha, Kenny Tindall as Tom, Jessica Morgan as Myrtle, Hannah Bateman as Jordan, Jeremy Curnier and Antoinette Brooks Daw as Young Gastby and Daisy and Isaac Lee Baker as George) have deepened their performances as time has gone on.  They are all oh so believable...


It's the tiny little gestures that can mean so much, Jordan is introduced to us practising her golf swing and Hannah just had it nailed last night,  She really was the sportswoman intent on improving her game.  


Jeremy Curnier was outstanding last night, very much the young man yearning for his love.


The duet for Gatsby and Daisy in the tango scene was so gloriously danced last night that I quite forgot to breathe!


All being well, 3 more performances this week!

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