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Mariinsky Ballet: Kristina Shapran

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Kristina Shapran


I’m not sure if she’s been discussed here, but I’ve just been viewing some video clips of Kristina Shapran, who will be dancing in Apollo with Xander Parish and Vladimir Shklyarov. 


She’s wonderful ! I first noticed her on the Bolshoi Ballet TV contest in October, 2012 and thought that she was lovely. I recall Diana Vishneva, who was one of the judges, commenting that Kristina Shapran was the ideal ballet dancer. I lost track of her after she settled into the Mikhailovsky. A Vaganova graduate, she has just joined the Mariinsky.


Keep an eye on her. I predict that she’ll be one of the Mariinsky’s most loved  and appreciated ‘current and beyond’ ballerinas.


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I'm not sure what the guidelines here are, but this is from a recent review of  the Mariinsky's Apollo by Catherine Pawlick at Criticaldance. Since it's in somewhat of a magazine format, I hope that it's acceptable. If not, moderators, please handle it as you think best.


In Shapran we saw an iconic picture of Terpsichore. Endowed with a textbook Vaganova physique – ultra slender, with beautiful arches and raven hair – she embodied purity of dance, the essence of this role, in every movement.



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Here is precisely what Diana Vishneva said in regard to Kristina Shapran as translated by Catherine Pawlick.


She concluded her commentary by stating "Russian ballet will live on" (has a future) because of dancers like Shapran.


From still more video watching, Kristina Shapran has perhaps the finest, purest classical articulation that I've ever seen !  


Wow, did I really say that ?!

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I have amended post #2 by reducing the length of the quotation to conform with the BalletCoForum's Acceptable User Policy on quoting:


"As far as BalletcoForum is concerned we allow brief quotes of a sentence or two from other sites or material, with the source acknowledged, and backed up if relevant by a link. Anything more than this will be removed."

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