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Carlos Acosta in Brighton July 2015

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Booking has opened at Brighton Dome for "Carlos Acosta - On Before" on Thurs/Fri 9th and 10th July 2015. Please do not make my error of turning up a year too early to see Mark Morris at the Barbican !!

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Will definitely have to see Carlos in one of my local theatres!!



Slightly related.........we had a card a couple of months ago from my partners niece saying to keep the date August 8th free as she was getting married and naming the venue for the reception etc.

I was trying to arrange possible Maryinski performances at the time and thought oh well just have to miss the Diana Vishneva Marguerite and Armand (the wedding will be down near Falmouth in Cornwall)


A few weeks later my partner was on the phone to his sister and discovered the August 8th date was for 2015 not 2014 as we had just assumed!....... Good job I hadn't gone out and bought the hat yet!!


I was quite pleased anyway as am now going to see Marguerite and Armand after all!!

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