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Is there already a thread for this? I couldn't see one.


I saw Draft Works in the Linbury last night and enjoyed it such a lot. The pieces were all really interesting. Some I liked more than others and I don't have time for many thoughts right now, but would like to say before I forget to post it that I thought Erico Montes' piece was just gorgeous. I also thought the one that used the sound of pointe shoes on the floor as part of the music (I forget whose that was now without the programme in front of me) was great and such an interesting idea. Most of the time in ballet the dancers are trying to make their pointe shoes silent and in the audience you get used to tuning out the sound of them, so I really liked the idea of using the sound they make (such a universal part of the pointe shoes experience!) as part of the piece.

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I really enjoy these evenings. Its a great chance to see dancing right up close and personal as it were, also to see just how good the youngsters and/or 'lesser lights' (for want of a better term) of the company are, beyond just doing corps de ballet steps. As the pieces are by their nature largely unfinished, with bare bones rehearsal time, its not fair to review, eben when thoroughly enjoying many of the pieces, so I won't. Its also a pleasure to meet and chat with those that made the choreography afterwards, which is always interesting.

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