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Ivan Putrov assembles amazing line-up for 'Men in Motion' La Versiliana Festival 2014

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I would imagine this venture in Italy will have a great deal of the material that was in the last Men in Motion at the Coliseum.  Certainly it suggets it might from the line up.  I very much look forward to the next one in London.  There are so many fine men dancing internationally to join in the Putrov's imaginative celebration ... I would love to see Mathias Heymann do Manfred or Tyler Angle and Robert Fairchild in something .... say that lovely Lar Lubovitch central duet that Northern Ballet so fetchingly reminded us of recently.  Just so much to engage.  

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Lucca is a lovely town and you can visit Puccini's birthplace which is now a museum.  Every evening they have Puccini recitals in one of the local churches, it was quite an experience to hear the 'Te Deum' scene from Tosca actually sung in a baroque church.  I also went to the local opera house on a Sunday morning to hear two very talented young ladies from the local conservatoire play the piano.  It's very close to Pisa so you could visit the leaning tower while you're at it.

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Putrov's Men in Motion at La Versiliana was - as always - great.   The programme was as follows:

1. L'apres midi d'un faune (Klimentova/Kolb)   2. Adagio (Merkukriev)   3. Swan Lake pdd (Watson/Putrov)   4. Petruska (Matiakis)   5. Berlin (Walter)   6. Le Train Bleu (Muntagirov)   7. Volver, Volver (Watson)   8. Travelling (aka Log in/Log out) (Merkuriev)   9. Le spectre de la rose (Klimentova/Muntagirov)   10. Beginning (Kolb)   11. Lacrimosa (Walter)   12. Closing solo from Merkuriev's own stunning and emotional ballet 'The Shout' (Krik) which premiered in Odessa earlier this year   13. In Duet (Putrov/Matiakis).   Altogether a wonderful programme with superb performances all round.   Can't wait for the next staging of Men in Motion!   Bravo Ivan and your stellar cast!

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