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Multiple MDS


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Just passing the time between dance auditions by fitting in a couple of music auditions with DD ...


If, hypothetically, my daughter gets MDS funding for her music (she has applied for a couple of Saturday Schools where MDS' are offered to a lucky few) how will our contribution be calculated given DS is at vocational school on an MDS.


I've scoured the websites with no luck.


Incidentally, if you think dance is an expensive hobby take a look at the fees for Saturday schools for music - the equivalent schemes to dance come out at £3,500 p.a. or thereabouts, and not nearly enough MDS for all to have one. Then looking at up to £40 per Saturday for travel. It would be cheaper, I think, to send her away to school but she is adamant she is doing well academically where she is, and doesn't want to board. Sound familiar?


Meadowblythe - off to stalk the postie!

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We had 3 on MDS and they charged the initial amount calculated as parental contribution then added the £1800 per added child on MDS

to the bill then divide it by 3.


So if you pay 6k pa initially for first child and then 2 more did it it would be 6plus 1800 plus 1800 (=£9600) and that divided by three would be the bill for each child.


The 1800 is the figure you are normally allowed to take off your gross salary figure for each dependant child. That is what each extra one pays but it the total is split evenly, although there may be a slight reduction for one for sibling discount.


Hope that helps.


Imagine me trying to expain something arithmetic to a maths teacher.....sorry meadowblythe for my awful explanation :)

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They would work out a payment plan for you to continue paying long after you've left they did write off some off what we owed. Only paid a small amount each month.

I had to have a payment plan too at one point and was still paying long after ds left WL. Happy to say I no longer have any fees to pay!!! Paying off the credit cards now.....
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