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tutu storage


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Hooped tutus need to be flat in a tutu bag so the hoop is not mis-shapen.


Non-hooped tutus can be inverted, but be careful that embellishments in skirt or bodice don't snag - we place acid free tissue paper on the skirt before folding, where the bodice has delicate fabrics such as satin.


If stored inverted, it's a good idea to store folded the opposite way 24hrs prior to wearing :)


Also a good idea to pop some of those silica gel packets that are often found in new bags etc, as they absorb and moisture that may linger.

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I`m thinking of selling my gorgeous London Festival Ballet tutu.It`s just hanging in it`s tutu bag,never to be worn again,and I could do with some money. Will definately sell it for a lot more than the £60 I paid for it though !!

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There are tutu storage hangers available to purchase online. That could be an option. I think they are about 10/12 £. I myself would always store them upside down flat. But sometimes there isn't enough room so the hangers might be a good idea in that case.


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