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Central London RAD Intermediate classes?


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Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and I'm hoping you'll be able to help me out! I'm an extremely keen and dedicated adult learner (at ballet 5 out of 7 days a week) looking to do the RAD Intermediate exams. Unfortunately I've been waitlisted at the RAD itself for their Intermediate exam class so I'm hoping to find alternatives. I've tried Central Ballet with Kate Webster on Sundays—does anyone have recommendations for other classes located in central London?


Am also hoping to improve my pointe technique—have done pointe classes on and off for about 1.5 years but have always been put off by pain and my constant tendency to fall over and slip... turned out it wasn't so much abysmally poor technique (although I do acknowledge I need significantly more work!) but HORRIBLY fitting pointe shoes (lost a big toenail to Gaynor Mindens which is still in the process of growing back out...)! Have recently been fitted wonderfully with the proverbial Cinderella shoe and I'm eager to get going again! Any recommendations for intensive pointe coaching would also be appreciated. 


Thanks all! x

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Franziska Rosenzweig teaches pointe work on Sundays and also Thursdays I think at Danceworks.


Also check out the Urdang Academy.....I seem to remember a teacher on that site saying you have to attend a previous class to attend the pointe work class....so must offer this there.

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Franziska Rosenzweig teaches pointe work on Sundays and also Thursdays I think at Danceworks.


Also check out the Urdang Academy.....I seem to remember a teacher on that site saying you have to attend a previous class to attend the pointe work class....so must offer this there.


Thank you LinMM!


I have been to the Danceworks class before, but have not tried Urdang! 


There are four ballet classes listed on Monday—to which are you referring to? None of them seem to mention a pointe component :( 

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Sorry it was Central and on a Sunday with Jean Pascal Cabardos at 3.30 I think.

Also at central michael Branwell s thursday class at 7.15 does some pointe work apparently as well.


I don't know whether Raymond Chai used to have a class at the Urdang with pointe work am not sure now.


It's the Cabardos class which says you must have done a class that day to,take the pointe work class.


Ive never been to the above teachers .......I usually got to David Kierce at Central on sundays if in London at weekends and he has a more advanced class on a Sundays too......can check whether they do,pointe work there but it doesn't actually mention this.

Also Michael Branwell has a new class on Mondays at Pineapple......again whether pointe work is included I don't know but it does mention it for his Thursday class at Central.

I don't do Franziskas classes but her workshops and you might like to know that she is having a pointe work workshop in March will try to post a link to it!!

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Hi there,


have a look at this. we just started but there are still spaces:


For those wanting to deepen their Ballet Technique and prepare for RAD Ballet exams or simply work extra hard! This course is an ideal combination of technique, musicality and artistry in one of the best studio spaces in London.

The course runs for 10 Saturdays between Jan-July 2017 developing the work alongside

regular classes. It’s suitable for the more experienced student.


          We will also invite an RAD-Examiner for a feedback session before exam entries.


Audition Date: January 14th


Audition Fee: £10


Course Fee: £175




Dilek Taptik:

Initially training in Vaganova technique, Dilek’s professional training began in Turkey, Mersin Conservatoire for Dance. She later graduated with a classical ballet degree from the Ballet Academy Cologne, Germany simultaneously gained her RAD STC, TC,TD teaching qualifications. Teachers included RAD artistic director Lynn Wallis, Deborah Wayne and Anne C. Rogers. Dilek danced the principal role of 'Giselle' in Turkey, coached mainly by Nevin Arikoglu of Joffrey Ballet. Favourites include: 'Arabian Dancer' in Nutcracker, Swan Lake corps, contemporary and opera pieces mostly in NRW opera houses. 2003 Dilek was awarded a scholarship at the London Contemporary Dance School, where she got the chance to work with Trisha Brown Company, Richard Alston Dance Company, DV8 and Kerry Nicholls. Dilek toured for a Physical Theatre Ensemble Cologne, was involved in dance-film Roundhouse, London. She also trained in New York, USA where she took class with Merce Cunningham Dance School, danced for Cannes Film Festival and acted in a motion picture alongside Vanessa Paradise. Over the past decade Dilek focused on her teaching career, her passion for ballet and taught at established dance institutions. She is the principal of 'Dilek Taptik School of Dance', a RAD CBTS mentor and was a long lasting Ballet tutor at the Arts Educational School London. Dilek has vast experience in entering Vocational students to Rad ballet exams.



Rambert Dance Studios, Southbank, Upper Ground SE1 9PP



January 14th : 16.00pm-17.45pm (Audition+ Class)

February 4th :     16.00pm-17.30pm

February 25th:   16.00pm-17.30pm

March 25th :        15.00pm-16.30pm

April 22nd :         16.00pm-17.30pm

April 29th :            16.00pm-17.30pm

May 6th :               15.00pm-16.30pm

June/July: dates to be confirmed shortly



Please contact www.dtdance.com for any further questions.

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Hi Odette92, JP Cabardos is an absolutely fantastic pointe work teacher, I'd recommend you give him a go. I 'returned' to pointework with him several years ago - I couldn't have done it without him! For his Sunday class at Central he does stipulate you have done a technique class already that day as you go straight on to pointe. He splits the class and sets exercises according to ability / experience.

Natalie Krapf also runs a fantastic pointe class on Thursday evenings at Marylebone studio at an inter/advanced level. She is a methodical, thoughtful teacher I'd also recommend.

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