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Bodywrappers procut tights


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DD prefers bare feet when en pointe (A far cry from when she first started when she virtually tried to cram a double duvet in each shoe but there you go....) but obviously she can't do that in exams/performances etc. I just came across some tights on the poselli site that claim "barefoot grip inside pointe shoes". Were it not for the fact that they cost £20 I'd just buy a pair for her to try out, but that does seem an awful lot of money for a pair of tights with a few holes cut in them! Has anyone tried them? I wonder if I could just take a cheaper pair of tights and cut thesame holes into the feet......I'd have to find some way of stopping them running though. Ideas anyone?

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Dd wears the stirrup tights with pointe shoes and as far as I can tell the only difference is that the body wrappers ones are sewn so there is a hole for the big toe. Dd chose the stirrup tights because she always ended with holes around her big toes and they irritated her.

I have also cut holes in tights and they have never run, I had been given a load of new tights but DD preferred convertibles so I cut holes in the feet and they were fine.

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