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Gala for Ghana - An evening of dance featuring members of The Royal Ballet

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This just came in on press - I have it, and the gala flyer w Ed and Lauren, at:





For immediate release          

January 2014





An evening of dance featuring members of The Royal Ballet


Members of The Royal Ballet, including Principals Edward Watson, Lauren Cuthbertson, Sarah Lamb and Rupert Pennefather, will be performing at a unique gala evening on Sunday 2 Feb in aid of Ghanaian charity Ashanti Development


In the intimate, elegant surroundings of the Royal College of Music’s 400 seat Britten Theatre, more than fifteen of the Company’s world-class dancers will perform highlights from a wide range of ballets, both classical and modern. The programme will also feature two world premieres, created especially for the evening, by Royal Ballet dancers Ludovic Ondiviela and Valentino Zucchetti. Other works already confirmed for the event include extracts from ballets by Frederick Ashton, Wayne McGregor, Christopher Wheeldon, Liam Scarlett and Arthur Pita.


All proceeds will go towards providing remote villages in the Ashanti region of Ghana with water and sanitation, healthcare, education and income generating activities. Since starting work in its first village Gyetiase over eight years ago, Ashanti has worked with more than thirty villages in the area, to fight poverty and strengthen communities.





Full details


Sunday 2 February 2014

Britten Theatre, Royal College of Music, SW7 2BS

Box office: 020 7591 4314


Ticket prices: £35, £28, £25



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I saw on twitter that it seems they will be replaced by Elena Glurdjidze dancing the Dying Swan - don't know if has been officially confirmed but it was tweeted by what seems to be one of the organisers.


I wish I could support this event - I did a month of aid work in Ghana a few years ago and saw first hand how difficult it is for villages to gain access to clean water, sanitation and basic healthcare. It looks like there's only a handful of tickets remaining for the event so hopefully they'll raise a lot of money for this fantastic charity!

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Although I have publicized this event and encouraged all my friends to support it for the reasons I set out in an earlier post (which they have done) I had not actually bought a ticket for myself because I already had a ticket to see Antoinette Sibley and Clement Crisp at the Royal Ballet School tomorrow afternoon. Also, I was thinking of taking a class with Chelmsford Ballet until I read the website again and found that the required standard is way above my strength and capabilities.  One can have too much of a good thing and three lots of the ballet in the same day seemed far too much of a good thing.


However after reading DavidW's post I wavered. The prospect of seeing The Dying Swan especially if danced by Glurdjudze is irresistible so I have spent the last 40 minutes or so trying to buy one of the few remaining tickets on-line.


The trouble is that one needs to open an account with the Royal College of Music and in order to open an account one needs a temporary password to be supplied by email by the Box Office of the Royal College.   I completed the application form from my home address using my home email but no email from the College arrived. I tried again using my professional address and my gmail account with precisely the same result.  I tried calling but the box office is closed at weekends. I have finally emailed the College hoping that someone will pick up my mail but I am not very hopeful.


If I do make it to the event I will let you know how it went but as I say I think it is unlikely that I shall attend.  However, I am very glad tickets are selling well and I hope that everyone who does attend enjoys the evening.


My mother told me about Pavlova's Dying Swan which she saw as a small girl and I have seen footage of Pavlova's dancing that piece many times but I have never seen it danced on stage by a modern ballerina and I would dearly love to do so.  If anyone hears of such a performance in the UK, the continent or even the USA I would appreciate it if he or she would let me know. 




I have just got the following automatic response from the RCM box office:


"Thank you for emailing the RCM Box Office.

Please note that we do not take any bookings by email. If you would like to book tickets you can visit www.rcm.ac.uk/boxoffice, you can call us on 020 7591 4314, or you can book in person at the RCM Box Office. Our normal opening hours are weekdays, 10am – 4pm. All other queries will be answered via e-mail.


Best Wishes,

RCM Box Office"


*&!)_"£$%****** IT IS SO FRUSTRATING!

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I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems with booking. I did too, and when I finally managed to get through on the 'phone I was told that they were having problems with their website. This was weeks ago so I would have thought it would have been sorted by now! None of this helps you I know. They were leafleting outside the Coliseum on Thursday night after Men in Motion which made me think it wasn't selling too well - obviously I was wrong if there are only a few tickets remaining.


As to The Dying Swan it is sometimes danced at the Russian Ballet Icons Gala - this year it is being held on Sunday 9 March at the Coliseum.

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I have been trying all weekend but nobody is manning the phone or maintaining the software

Not to worry! I'm seeing Sibley soon. My favourite ballerina of all time. I sang "I'm seeing Sibley" to the tune of "Thine be the glory" at the top of my voice all the way to Luton. I so excited! :-)

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